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Swara: roy!!!

Swara is shocked, she couldn’t understand what is happening, her past is playing like a tape in front of her eyes, her vision starts to blur, tears start occupying her eyes……….. the BIGGEST MISTAKE of her life is standing in front of her…………. the one nightmare which she always wanted to run away from…………. the chapter she always wanted to erase from her life is…….. standing in front of her, HAPPY and UNAFFECTED !!!

She shifts her gaze towards ragini hoping to find a reason of her act, to find as to why she brought her here to HIM, swara lost her voice for a moment, her heart started to ache but she gathered some courage and questioned her

Swara: why did u bring me here?
Ragini: teasingly) the biggest mistake of ur life is standing in front of u!!! don’t u think u should talk to him?
Swara: NO!!!! (she shouts) are u mad ragini? The person who I dont want to see in my life, u r asking me to face him again? ,he betrayed me!!! , he broke me!!! , he killed me!!!! And…………..
Ragini: still he is happy!!
Swara gets shocked to hear her, indeed she was true, he seemed to have no traces of guilt.
Ragini: do u know why guys betray girls? They think we are WEAK!!! , we never get any support!!! , we will not FIGHT BACK!!! They think that we only know to CRY, they think we will accept our defeat so easily!!!………………. Don’t u think we have to prove them wrong?…..
Swara looks on
Ragini: prove him swara!!!!!! ………..tell him that not all girls are weak!!, show him that u still have faith in urself, show him u still believe people!!! ,show him that he failed to break u…………………….atleast PRETEND….
Ragini: for how many more days? For how many more days will u live in past?, u will never be able to move on if u keep re-reading the same old chapters, never!!! Sometimes we just have to let things go!!! So that we could live in PEACE!!!

Ragini’s words start echoing in her ears, her words were bringing back her lost HOPE, her words were bringing back herself, her old own self!!!!

Swara moves towards roy and taps on his shoulder and he turns back shocked to see swara,
Roy: sw…a….ra (he stammers)

Swara fists her hand tightly and lets out a deep breath and……

Roy gets taken back for a moment when swara HUGS him…… heard me right she HUGS him, this time ragini too was surprised!!

Swara: thank u!!! (she tells him politely)
Roy: swara!!
Swara: thank u for teaching me not everyone are worth my trust!! ………..Not everyone will be good as I am!!, ……..thank u for leaving me………….because if u had not done that I would not have realized…………MANY THINGS
Roy: I am…….s.or…..rry
Swara: its ok

She turns back and starts to walk, peace filled her heart, she was proud of herself, for making the mistake which taught her a lot of things, the knife of guilt which was stabbing her heart for so many days……….started to stab roy, he realized what he had done ……………..and that guilt took away his peace!!!

Ragini: woh!!! Wow!!! I thought he would receive a SLAP!!!
Swara: the biggest punishment u can give a person is FORGIVENESS
ragini: hm Im impressed!!!…………… do u feel now?
Swara: awesome!!!!!! (she squeals with genuine happiness)

(I want u all to share ur experience on #being a woman/girl and by chance if boys read my ff, u all too share ur experiences on #being a man/boy)

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. – Mahatma Gandhi.

To be continued…..

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  1. Wow what a punishment… know what dr in your ff too there is something to learn which are very useful to our life.great job dr.weldone…..awesome epi dr……keep it up…..

    1. Aw…thank u didu? keep supporting. ❤ u

  2. As usual superb episode

    1. Thank u Ammu ? keep supporting.
      ❤ u

  3. Every girl must be like Ragini, she is strong, supportive in ur ff.
    Loved the concept v much

    1. Thank u priya? keep supporting.
      ❤ u

  4. As usual romba supera iruku ash. Unnoda ff la iruka etho oru difference verethulayum illa. You are rocking ☺

    1. Romba thx pratu actually I am a little busy lately so I couldn’t read any ff so sry for not commenting ? .
      ❤ u

  5. As always hats off to u….
    N ty for d compliment….actually my frnds call me niku…

  6. awesome episode…I’m getting impressed by ur writting day by day seriously the way u made saragini character stronger is amazing…ur ff would ba inspiration for the girls who thought of themself as weak n of course the last massage ( i think my favourite part in ur ff ) is also good truly said forgiveness is the attribute of the strong perfect line for today’s episode…update next part soon n tc

  7. Very nice ash. Try to post nxt soon. Waiting to see their journey??

  8. Superb

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