My Angry Bird (Swasan TS) Shot 03 (Last Part)

Last part-
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Recap-Swasan marriage , Sanskar irritating Swara

Swasan reached home they were about to enter when Sanskar stopped Swara at the door way , Swara who was already irked and tired looked towards him and said
Swara: Now what?(gritting her teeth)

Sanskar: Just wait a minute , u will come to know….
He called a servant in mid forties
Sanskar: Aunty (he gestured something)

The maid nodded and went inside…after two minutes she was back with the things needed for Grah Pradesh

Sanskar: Swara,this is Riney aunty , till now my this bungalow was just a place to say… After mom and dad left m staying here with riney aunty but now as you are here I know that you will make it a home soon

Swara smiled for the first time listening his words she was slowly getting impressed by his nature but at the same time she was irritated with him too by his weird behavior

Swasan room

Swara entered their room followed by Sanskar behind her

Swara looked towards the bed as if she’s seeing the bed after years …. Then she looked at herself

Letting out a sigh she moved towards the suitcase that Sanskar brought in and took out a simple T-shirt and parallels from their and straightaway moved towards the wash room

Sanskar was seeing her very carefully , he was smiling seeing her antics

Sanskar: (monologue) I m falling for u more n more Swara, your cute antics, your anger , ur rude tone each n every thing of urs is making me fall for u even more …. But for now I have to change u , I know how stubborn u r, u r such a pious soul from inside but uncle’s extra love n care has really made you rude, I know you will get irritated with my behavior u may feel tired but I don’t have any other way dear…. I have to tame this stubborn Swara then only my princess will b a real princess

After ten minutes

Swara came out of washroom after getting fresh , just then she heard her stomach making noise (lol she’s hungry na)

Swara saw around the room…

Swara:(monologue) should say that room of this idiot Maheshwari is really neat and tidy just like my room, but I don’t know why he’s after me


Swara was going towards the kitchen , she saw food arranged on dining table

Swara’s mouth started watering seeing so many dishes

She took a seat there and started serving herself

(Note guys pls don’t take my ts too seriously, that u will find Sanskar doing injustice with swara or whatsoever, I earlier also said that this story is all abt how sanskar will change the shrewish Swara to a polite one)

Swara was having her for when Sanskar came there (the dishes were prepared by Sanskar only and he only arranged the table)

Sanskar:What r u doing darling? (Sweetly)

Swara:Can’t u see that m having food,if not then go nd visit a doctor, u need spectacles

Sanskar: Y do u speak so sweetly Swara , u know every word u speak is sweeter than honey

Swara gave him a glare

Sanskar moved toward her and saw that she had sufficient food he didn’t wanted to starve her

Sanskar: Oh let me also taste wat u r having!

Swara was abt to deny but before she could do anything Sanskar ate a bite from her plate making her angry

Swara:hey wat r u doing… Don’t irritate me more get lost from here

Sanskar, was tasting the food like a chef just then he frowned

San: What the hell! This is so tasteless Swara… And you were having this, no no I can’t allow my wife my love to have such bad food… U don’t have it anymore, I’ll throw this all
Swara was looking at him like’what’s this new drama’

Saying so he took the dishes from plate and kept them on kitchen slab

Coming back to the dining hall he said:I threw that food in dustbin… I know it’s quite late and I can’t even order something at this hour…you go nd sleep
Swara:I’ll c u tomorrow

(Sanskar kept that food in refrigerator after wards, he doesn’t like to waste food)


Swara was standing in state of shock seeing the state of the room

Bedsheet was spoiled and messed, pillows nd comforter were finding a place on floor

Sanskar’s clothes were too spread over the bed

The room which was neat and tidy a while ago was no fully messed, nothing was at its place

Swara who was already tired started cursing sanskar under her breath and moved towards the couch… Cause cleaning the room is not her cup of tea

She switched on the AC and slept on couch as soon as her head touched the pillow on couch she automatically drifted to sleep

After five minutes Sanskar came in and saw her on couch , he went towards her and covered her with a blanket then pecked her forehead

He started cleaning the room as it was messed by him intentionally

After fifteen minutes he saw that everything was at its original place so he went towards the couch took Swara in his arms and made her sleep on the bed, after covering her with blanket he, he went and slept on couch itself
Next morning

Sun was shining brightly sun rays peeped inside swasan’s room disturbing sanskar’s sleep …..

Sanskar woke up and found himself on couch then the things slowly encountered his minds

He went towards the washroom and got ready in his casuals
Then he looked towards swara who was still sleeping peacefully… He went towards her covered her with blanket properly and then pecked her forehead lightly murmuring a quick good morning


Sanskar prepared coffee for both of them and then arranged breakfast on dining table which was already prepared by riney aunty but he prefers to prepare his coffee on his own

He went upstairs with both if they’re coffees


Sanskar: Swara wakeup…it’s morning now ….

Swara:Urghhh…(she opened her eyes and saw Sanskar) oye wat r u doing here in my room?

Sanskar: My dear wifey I think u r forgetting that this is our room and u r married

As soon as the words registered her minds she pretended as if she was knowing but testing him

Swara:y r you telling this to me… I know this very well, don’t show me attitude ….

She got up quickly and went towards her suitcase to take out her belongings

Suddenly she realized that she slept at the couch but was found on bed then she glanced the room which was not perfectly neat n tidy

Swara: I know yesterday u messed the room knowingly

Sanskar: yes I did it knowingly…

Swara:Y did u make me sleep in bed?

Sanskar: I can’t see u sleeping there , I know if u would have slept there your back would be paining right now…

Swara:U know what u r an idiot…

Sanskar:I know my dear wifey…no need to praise me again n again

Swara stamped her foot and was going towards the wash room when sanskar called her


Swara:now what

Sanskar: I prepared coffee for both of us… U take bath afterwards… So…

Swara:I don’t want…

Sanskar : pls Swara that’s a request, I don’t want to be rude with you….


Full day passed swasan were called for dinner at swara’s house
(Sanskar had some important case that day therefore he went for that work and Swara too went to her office)


Swara came back first and entering the house she sat on the couch of living room

Then she remembered that she is not in her house now… She has a habit of having coffee after returning back from office

Just then riney aunty(RA) came

R.A:ma’am ur coffee

Swara looked ti wards her confused as how she knows that Swara wanted coffee

Understanding her confusion she said:woh ma’am Sanskar beta told me this

Swara nodded with a smile(notice her changing behavior)

After few seconds

Swara:Aunty u can call me Swara,Sanskar is very close to u na…he respects u a lot so don’t call me ma’am

Saying so she left towards the room


One month leap

In this one month Sanskar irritated swara a little so as to make her do her works on her own… The graph of swara’s behavior was changing… Now she was less rude

It was a Sunday evening
Swara was thinking abt their life in the past one month..she has started loving Sanskar gradually

Suddenly her phone beeped

It was Sanskar’s message that he’ll get late while returning home,he is stuck somewhere

Swara smiled as he’s so caring he always informs her



Swara was waiting for Sanskar in her room , she was little tensed now as it was quite late then
(She never noticed herself that she’s changing)

Just then she heard his car’s horn

Sanskar entered the room tiringly
He kept his bag on the couch and he himself sat there resting his head through it

Swara was first time seeing him so tired.

Sanskar after sometime went towards the washroom and changed his clothes

He came out when aunty knocked at their room door

Aunty:Sanskar beta may I first make coffee for you or you’ll have dinner first

Sanskar: no aunty… M not hungry my head is paining… I won’t have food..u don’t worry and sleep


Night 1am

Sanskar was turning here and there on couch, Swara who woke to drink water saw this but she didn’t said anything and went back on bed but she was seeing him

Sanskar just then woke up and went towards kitchen Swara followed him
Sanskar : u here at this time

Swara:Yes , I saw you coming here so followed u… U r not looking well any problem?

Sanskar:nothing… My head was paining so I was preparing coffee for myself

Swara after thinking for a while
Swara: should I do?

Sanskar: No… U go and sleep I’ll manage

Swara:I said na I’ll do u go to the room…

Sanskar: but

Swara :I said something na


So here I end it guys… I know many of you were not satisfied enough with last part and therefore there was a downfall in response… So tried not to make same mistake here

I’ll b posting an epilogue soon…but this tym I need good response I can’t tell with how much difficulty I wrote this update

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