My Angry Bird (Swasan TS) Shot 02


Shot 1-

Shot 1




Swara read few papers but later she signed without reading

Swara:I signed them, now get out please(trying to b calm)

Sanskar:Oh darling , I know u want me to stay for some more time but as m postponing many of my important works cause of our marriage, I’ve to leave now… Will meet u soon

Swara took a file to throw at him but by the time he left her cabin ,

Swara:Arghhh!!! I’ll kill this idiot… Sanskar Maheshwari, wat the hell you think of urself, I’ll show u the real Swara Gadodia after marriage… Just wait and watch


Swara’s room

Swara’s POV

I agreed to marry him just for dad’s sake! Whatever it is I can’t deny the fact that dad is the most important person of my life…. To say when ever denied me for anything and in return I was always rude but when now he’s asking me for something…. Should I disappoint him?
That’s y I agreed to marry Sanskar

He’s quite good looking but he is really an irritating person, he never gives a damn to my anger, he always changes the the topic…. God knows how will I spend my whole life with him

3 Days Later,

A priest had come to Swara’s house to fix swasan’s marriage date , Swara is sitting there uninterestedly while Shekhar is talking with the priest and Sanskar is thinking of how to handle Swara after marriage , then he remembers something and smirks

Sanskar pov

M sure abt ur plan Swara, it’s good that I have already prepared for it… That when u signed the papers I made u sign an agreement that u won’t leave my house or go against me till next one year
And u signed it too unknowingly
Now just c how will I make u wat I want u to b… U will soon leave ur arrogant nature and you will b a sweet and polite person


Swara’s room

Swara was sitting on the couch doing something on her phone when Sanskar came in

Swara:Oh hello! How dare you to enter my room without my permission?!!??? Just get out from here

Sanskar: oh is it… No problem actually I came to show you how ur wedding dress and wedding would b as it decided this very Monday only four days r left… So I thought that you don’t get any dress so early

Swara came in his talks and became excited to c her dress and arrangements

(Note: she’s nor showing that she’s excited but Sanskar knows it)

Swara:If u r saying I’ll c… Cause I want to get rid of you as soon as possible

Sanskar smirked unnoticed by Swara and shown the things on his phone


Wedding Day

Gadodia mansion

Shekhar was doing arrangements for sanskar’s arrival, Ragini was making Swara ready or she was trying to do so cause Swara was very violone by that time

{Oh yes lemme tell you y was she angry
She was angry because Sanskar never gifted her, her wedding dress (lehanga), since neither he fulfilled his promise of providing her with a dress nor he fulfilled the promise that he’ll c wedding arrangements Swara is fuming in anger }

Ragini:Swaragini can’t you stay quite for sometime, m warning you for the last time that stay still otherwise…. (Interrupted by our angry bird)

Swara:otherwise wat’ll call of my marriage, or you will marry Sanskar… If you’re willing to do anything like this than m okay with you

Ragini was shocked by her statement as she already loved someone else??

Ragini: No no Swara you do whatever you want to do, but please don’t drag me in that, I don’t wanna marry anyone

Swara gave an irked expression

Ragini smiled and said: Swara you know Sanskar is not bad like you think him to be, he is so caring towards dad and for u especially , see how much you ill treat him, he always take it lightly(to which swara gave an expression ‘ that really I ill treat him?’), no no I mean that if u r angry with him then also he stays calm, Swara u know Dad has full trust on him that he’ll keep you happy always but this doesn’t mean na that you will never cooperate from your side,(Swara glared her) Swara cooperation is needed from both sides in a relationship then only it gets successful
I just want to say that don’t ever make dad upset or never let him suffer…. However I know u would never do something like this but still I thought to say it once
C how much I talk u r ready also (she kissed swara’s forehead)
I will miss you a lot shona (tears brimmed in Swaragini’s eyes )

They hugged each other just then , Ragini heard some noises
Ragini: I think jiju came shona, u stay here I’ll go downstairs

Swara nodded


Swara was sitting totally irked and irritated in mandap

Well y she wouldn’t b angry …. Sanskar made a fun of her in front of all(well don’t run ur mind’s horses readers he didn’t betrayed her )

Yes Sanskar made fun of her
(Note- there r not many people in marriage, just Sanskar and few actors, arranged by Sanskar who r acting as guests)

Sanskar came their dressed in ordinary clothes , not even ordinary even worst than that
Usually he is a well dressed person and he came dressed in clothes which r totally not matching each other, this was irritating swara
He was behaving somewhat like an uncivilized person

Priest asked them to stand up for pheras
Instead of doing what the priest is saying Sanskar argued with him that y should he stand can’t he(priest) complete the marriage without this ritual
After a lot of arguing Sanskar stood up for pheras

Then he filled her maang with vermilion and adorned her neck with Mangalsutra

Somehow marriage got completed and on each step Sanskar was intentionally creating mess
(Note- Shekhar is with Sanskar in his plan, yes this all is done by Sanskar intentionally
However Ragini is confused)


After the marriage, Shekhar arranged dinner for all… It was a lavish banquet

Swasan entered the banquet hall, (they were actually looking strange just imagine Sanskar in ordinary clothes and Swara in bridal dress but still swasan r always perfect )

Sanskar first intentionally dashed with a waiter then he started fighting with him
Swara was just trying her best to maintain her calm as she promised her father not to get angry at least for a day

After at least five to ten minutes of fighting sanskar stopped
Now Swara is really hungry but Sanskar has some other plans

They sat down, and waiter brought the dishes but Sanskar tasted each and every dish before swara and sent it back saying that’s not good

Sanskar:My dear Swara, these all dishes are not good for u too have, u r my wife so u should have the best
Come stand up, we’ll have at my house

Swara was already tired and was not having any strength to argue so she did whatever he said

After Swara’s vidaai both were set to welcome the new journey of their life

Precap: Sanskar’s mission to tame Swara, last shot


So guys here I present my second shot… I know m late but I was seriously busy with my studies… And there’s a note for you that I won’t post #LHLH or #MSL till march , cause my finals r going to start
I want to end my TS before it… I know you all are waiting for my updates but it’s really not getting possible for me to write… M really sorry and only four five parts r left for My Secret Lover….

Oky thnk you so much for reading friends…will be waiting for your response


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