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Hello frnds its me sweta back with a new update but guys i am really disappointed with your comments. Is this so boring. If it is then please give me some suggestion. Guys i have decided to discontinue as you are not liking it. And about the pair guys according to your votes it is SWASAN. If there anything what you want to tell me and suggest over it then please comment over that. Even criticize is also welcomed…..
So here we go ……
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Scene starts with two boys talking with eo in a mansion.
As we know one of them was Aditya Hero’s childhood friend.[ You can assume aditya of PKDH] Aditya:-“Bhai, its unbelievable you are thinking about a girl. Its a news yar……”
A boy passes from there and said “hey guys what are you talking about??”
Aditya :-“ Lucky, Have you ever seen our bro thinking about any girl, tell me.”
[Yeah that boy was Laksh maheshwari all his frnds call him lucky. Now i am sure that you know about whom they are talking…. ri8 na….] Lucky:-“ Adi, what are you talking man, tyou kbow very well na that the great sanskar maheshwari can never think about any girl….. bdw we are here surrounded by so many beautiful fairies but he never look at them. How can he think about any gitl.. han.”
Adi:-“ That’s the news bro our sanky is thinking about a girl from the time he returned from earth he is continuously thinking about her.”
Lucky?(surprised or shocked):- “How is it possible. Really bhai??”
Lucky and Adi both are teasing sanky.
Sanky? :-“ Shut up you both. One more word from your mouth and i will not talk to you ever.” He shows fake anger. They both stopped teasing him.
Lucky:-“ okay okay bhai chill now. We will not tease you but you have to tell us everything about her……
Adi:-“ Who is she??”
Sanky:?-“ A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and a pure heart.”
Lucky:-“ Wow, so sweet bhai. What is her name?”
Sanky :-“ I dont know.”
Adi:-“Where she lives”
Sanky:-“ Don’t know”
Lucky and Adi together:-“ then wat do you know about her”
Sanky:-“ Not much. Except that she is very beautiful. Her eyes shines with a purity. She look very innocent when she smiles. And her smile is really wow i have no words to explain all her beauty. She is very kind-hearted .”( Guys as you know that sanky was the boy who was following swara on her bday in the 1st episode)
Lucky:-“ wow bhai it seems as you know her from a lot of time. But as i remember it was you first time to earth na… then how you know so much about her.”
Sanky:-“ When the first time i saw her i was just mesmerised by her beauty her simplicity. I started following her and saw her helping some people and feeding some poor kids. I was just lost in her. But……..”
Adi :-“ What but bhai??”

A woman come there. She is AP mother of sanlak.
AP:-“ What you guys are talking here? Aren’t you getting late for your college its your first day there. Dont tell me that you are planning to be late on your first day..hmm.”
Adi(playfully):-“ ohh my darling you know na how can i live without you. You are my jaan na so tell that buddha hmare pyar ka dusmn that i am not going anywhere far from you.”?
AP pulling his ear?:-“ Again adi, stop your drama if your uncle hear aal this na then you come in a big problem then i will not come to help you.”
Adi (holding his both ears cutely)?:-“ Aunty sorry i was just kidding na dont tell uncle about anything. We are ready to go in a while.”
DP(father of sanlak)comes there.
DP:-“ what you dont want to tell me adi? “
Adi :-“ Nothing uncle. I was just saying that we are ready to go our college.”
DP-:”Fine. Boys all the best for your future. You should go now.”
Sanlakadi take blessing from AP &DP. And depart for there college.

Scene shifts to ALFEA—
Swaragini reaches there. And after all the official procedure they were allotted their room.
Ragini (in the way to their room):-“ You know what swara from my childhood i was waiting for the day on which i will join ALFEA.”
Swara nods and smiles.
Ragini:-“ We have to share our room with three other fairies. Lets see how our new frnds are.”

Swara was not speaking a word. She was very sad and missing her parents badly. She just smile sometime to respond ragini.
Ragini kept talking about various topics aal the way to their room.
They enter there room. It was a very big room with 5 beds. There were a table and a wardrobe near each bed. {Room was same as that of winx club.

There were a girl already there. She was shifting her luggage in the room. She was very beautiful with a perfect smile. She was wearing a locket same as swaragini but green in colour. When swaragini enter the room she saw them and go to greet them.
Girl:-“ Hii, so you both are my room partners.”
Swaragini nods.
Girl:-“ I am pankhuri. You can call me pankhu Nice to meet you both.”
Ragini:-“ Hi pankhu, i am Ragini and she is Swara. We both are really pleased to meet you too.”
Ragini and pankhuri:-“ We will have great fun here.”
Ragini :-“ Swara lets adjust ourselves here. Then we will go out for some fun. Okay pankhuri.”
Pankhuri:-“ Yeah sure ragu. Hope you dont mind me calling you ragu.” She saw swara very sad so asked her:-“ Swara, what happened dear? You are looking very sad if there anything you can tell me. We are your friends na.”
Swara-:” Wo actually pankhuri i am missing my mom dad a lot. Its the first time when i am away from them for such a long time.”
Pankhuri:-“ Ohh swara dont feel so bad yar we are here na .”
Ragini:-“ Shona, you know na if you will feel sad then your parents will also sad there. Do you want to see their sad faces??”
Swara shook her head in a no.
Pankhuri:-“ So now smile. And be happy yar we will have great fun here. Hai na”
Swara smiles this time with heart.
Ragini:-“thats like my girl. Now girls let us finish our works fastly then we will go out and have fun what you say?”
Swara:-“ Yeah sure ragini. Now i will take that bed near window side.”
Ragini :-“ and me that one , near you. “
They both smiles and start their works..
~~~~~~~●●●●●●○○○○○○TO BE CONTINUED○○○○○○●●●●●●~~~~~
PRECAP—New entries….

So frnds how was this episode please tell me do you like it or not ……
Bdw guys i am confused about new entries please suggest me who should be the rest two fairies. Plz frnds..
And also tell me should i continue this ff or stop it …..

Credit to: Sweta

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    1. thank you thank you thank you so much natasha….. i had thought that no one is interested in my ff so i should discontinue it?…..but i am really very glad to know that you like this……i wl try to continue for sure dear??
      Bdw yr help me by suggesting the other two fairies i have not decided anything about it…

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