An Angel’s Touch (Intro)

Hey y’all divas out there! I am here with a new story on SwaSan. Hopefully it isn’t boring! Enjoy ?
Swara looked down from the bridge. Should she do this? Will it be the right decision to kill herself?
Swara had spent the past 8 years of her life running. At 17, she ran away from her house. And she felt terribly guilty now. There are and were many people who truly cared for her, whom she had left behind. She felt horrible for not keeping in touch with them. She felt guilty for not even calling her old mother once in all these years.
Things were already not right between her and her father, and the rifts were turning ugly by talking a bad turn.
Her father, he didn’t even had the slightest of idea what she had to go through because of his one naive mistake. In fact, no one had.
There was no one around her with whom she could share about her disease. Yes, she had HIV. So if didn’t commits suicide she is about to die in few months, anyways.
After all this time…
After a series of betrayal, Sanskar found himself face-to-face with the person who once meant the world to him.
The one he loved, had already cheated him with his best friend. He had sacrificed his success for her but…
In order to deal with the demons of his life, who ruined him, he has to revisit his broken past and make a decision that will ultimately influence his present and future.

There lives are intervened in strange ways as they struggle to find a way out.
The only thing they can’t do this time is… Run away…
I wanted to add much more in the intro but I had to write all this in the hurry and had no time, so couldn’t.
This is going to be a ss, as my imagination is horrible and I don’t want to disturb you all with my peeps ?
Please comment and tell me how you like it (if)!
Bye ???
Xoxo ???

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