An Angel’s Touch (Episode 1)

Hey guys! I am back with the first episode. Thanks to all those who commented. I really want to make this ff as interesting as possible and I am ready for the hard work. It will really make me happy if you guys decide to comment 

New York, 2015
The sound of her five-inch heels clattering against the hardwood floors of the bright, fashionably decorated corridors of Paxton-Stark-Meester, one of the largest law firms in New York City, could be heard long before she came into view. But Swara Suryavanshi did not slow down to appreciate the minimalistic décor of the passageway; she had no time. She never did.

Swara held her folder tightly in her hands. All the documents were in order. It was a big day at work. This was her chance to impress her direct supervisor; something she has been trying to do since she’d join PSM, a little over a year ago. When Swara had opened her mail and found that she had been invited to join the company, she could not believe her eyes. Thrilled, she rushed out of Starbucks with a steaming cup of coffee, and right into a man entering the coffee shop. Her cell phone slipped out of her hand and fell to the hard concrete floor.

She muttered a sorry to the man in reflex, but the man kept ranting off about how careless she was. Another five minutes of public groveling passed before the stranger grudgingly accepted her apology. Swara picked up her phone; the screen was completely shattered and no matter how much she would long-press the power button, it refused to turn on.

‘Perfect,’ she muttered under her breath in irritation. Has she read the mail correctly or was she celebrating prematurely? It was only after she reached home and read the mail a hundred times again on her laptop that she allowed herself to relax. Maybe even smile.

Now, fourteen months later Swara was still trying to be in the good books of her supervisor, Mr Cather. Her first impression was ruined when she arrived 30 minutes late at the PSM office on the day of her orientation. When she explained how she got confused while reading the subway map, Mr Cather’s exact words were,’ I hope for your sake that you read corporate law better than you read maps. We’d hate for a junior associate to leave us so soon.’

Ever since then, no matter what Swara did, she could never win points with Mr Cather. There was another important meeting to be held soon. But even at that one, her work was stolen and no one gave her the credit for her hard work.

She slumped back her chair and sighed. She was tired; not sleeping for more than five hours a night for eight years in a row would do that to anyone. Her head was bursting. Sometimes, on days like this, she would question what she was doing with her life. But not today. She was completely drained and had no energy left to push herself further into depression.
Swara woke up with a start. Her eyes were drowsy, her head was throbbing.
Did she slept in the office? Oh shit!
She opened her eyes wide, with great difficulty, only to spot Joshua, her junior colleague staring at her. She thanked god that it wasn’t Mr Cather, it would have been an ugly surprise if he would have caught her sleeping.

‘Were you sleeping? I am so sorry! Actually this letter arrived for you.’ Joshua said handing her a white envelop. Joshua looked at her apologetically for a second and shrugged before rushing towards the door. So, finally, someone else had started pitying her situation. Awesome.

The papers had the result of a blood test. Which she had gotten done for her randomly, also because it was free.
Swara quickly scanned through it. Just the basics. Suryavanshi, Swara…10/10/1991…0+ve…The rest of the medical report did not make much sense to her. She was about to fold her report and keep it back when her eyes caught something.

Forcing herself to stay cam she scanned it again. The motion was mechanical; as if her eyes were following orders her brain was sending, without consciously realizing what she was doing. Her eyes focused on one particular section.

The world around her fell silent. She became strangely ware of all her body parts. She heard and felt the incessant thumping of her own heart. Her breathing became more and more labored with every second. Her palms became clammy and her vision blurred until she could see nothing…nothing but…

HIV status: Positive
Precap: Sanskar
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