ANGELS…… (Epi 4)


Hllo frnds,, thank you all for your support.. Am really very very srry as i am so late…..As all of you were curious about the pairs so….. be happy ? as i am going to reveal the pairs in nxt episode. You will get it.I have decided the pairs till now. From today onwards i will give previous episode links.

Episode 2-

Swara was shocked to know that she and ragini were fairies. She pinched herself as she still thought hrslf in a dream.
Swara shouts :- “ouch, it pains. “ She was caressing her arm
Ragini smiled at her:- “ Oh shona, i can understand your confusion. But its all true.”
Swara :- “what true??? You want to say that fairies exist. How could i believe it. All they exist in stories only. In fairy tales, you understand.”
Ragini:-“Not only fairies but devils, demons,witches,pince all exist. Shona, you have not seen all this na thats y u r believing all these.”
Swara:-“ what the hell you are speaking ragini? What do you mean by seeing all this. How could i see al this?”
Ragini:-“ yeah , you can swara . You can see our beautiful world with your eyes by just coming with me.”
Swara(surprised):-“what!! Coming with you?? But where?? Where i am going with you??”
Ragini:-“ To ALFEA”
Swara:-“ AL….F..EA.. What is this now??”
Ragini:- “ALFEA is a collg made for fairies.”
Swara:-“ And where it is??”
Ragini:-“In other dimension. Its really awesome. You are gonna love it.”
Swara:-“ No ragini, i am not going anywhere.”
Ragini:-“ why swara what happened?”
Swara:-“ I cant leave my parents alone here. You know wat ragini they are not my real parents. But they loved me a lot more than anyone. I dont knw who are my real parents. They just throw me in that jungle to die. But my ma papa saved me and love me so much. How could i be so selfish to leave them alone. No ragini i cant do so.”
Ragini(in mind):-“what the hell is this now. Uncle and aunty have said that swara dont knw anything. But….”
Ragini:-“ Swara how do you knw all this? Who told you all this?”
Swara :-“ No one. I just heardy parents convo when i was 13.” She was very sad. And teary too.”

While in shekhar and sumis room, sumi is trying to make shekhar understand that how important this cllg is for swara.
Sumi:-“ Shekhar , you want everything perfect for swara. Hai na”
Shekhar:-“ What the stupid question is this? Ofcourse I do. “
Sumi :-“ Then why dont you let her go with ragini to that cllg.”
Shekhar :-“ Sumi i cant live without her. You knw na.”
Sumi :-“ but Shekhar its important for her. You should be strong. Then only our shona will be ready to go there.”
Shekhar :-“ Yeah you are ri8 sumi. Swara will go to that cllg.”
Sumi nods. They went in hall.
Shekhar-“ swara , ragini you both come here.”
Swaragini came there.
Swara:-“ Yes papa.”
Shekhar go to swara and hugs her and kisses her forehead, and said :- I am really very happy beta to know that my lil princess is a real princess.”
Sumi goes to swara and hugs her too . And said :-“ shona, me and your papa have taken a decision for you. Will you obey that beta?
Swara(with tears in her eyes):-“ Ma i can do anything for you and papa. You knw na.. I wl definitely do wat you have decided for me as i knw that you will do best for me.”
Sumi wipes her tears and said:-“ beta we have decided that you too are going with ragini to her college.”
Swara :-“ but ma papa how could i live without you both.” She was crying.
Shekhar:-“ Oh swara stop crying beta . Who said that you are going to live without us.? You are just going to a cllg to complete your studies. Dont cry beta.”
Swara agreed to go there.
Ragini :-“ I am so happy swara you too are coming with me. We wilk have fun there lets rock ALFEA together. But we have yo leave soon as we have to report there tommorow so pack your stuff fast.”
Swara nods and go to her room.
Sumi holds raginis hand and said :-“ Ragini beta our shona is very innocent. Plz take care of her.”
Ragini :-“ Uncle aunty dont wry i wl take care of her a lot. Trust me.”
Shekhar and Sumi together:-“ Yes beta we do.”
Swara comes with her stuffs.
And they leave for ALFEA.

Scene shifts to a big Palace.
A very cute handsome boys is shown in royal attire. He is thinking about something. He was lost in his own thinking. A boy come and call him. He didnt respond. He comes and shake his hand.
Guy 1:-“hey bro what happened to you? You are just lost in some other world from the day you returned from Earth. What happened there ?? Are you okay bhai???
(This boy is our hero so i am calling him as hero for now)
Hero:- “nthing bhai…”
Guy1:-“ yeah i know you dont want to share anything with me. Okk dont tell me i am not talking to you.” (He shows fake anger)
Hero :-“ Adi, you are my childhood frnd na. Plz dont be angry on me i wl tell you everything.”
Aditya :-“ Okk then tell me i am waiting bro…”
Hero :- “Actually i was thinking about a girl……”
Aditya cutting his words abnd said surprisingly:- “ what!! A girl. Unbelievable bro.”

Preacap:- Not decided yet






Sry guys for being so late as i was ill so i was not able to write anythin thats why it takes so much time…….
So frnds what do you think who is hero……..
And sry guys if todays episode bored you sry again??

Credit to: Sweta

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