ANGELS…… (Epi 3)

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RECAP:- Ragini became fine. Swara sees some goons attacking ragini and ragini transforming into a fairy.
Episode starts with-
Swara sees Ragini transforming into fairy. She was shocked to see this. Suddenly she feels a power overcoming her. Her pendent lights a lot. And swara also turns into a beautiful fairy. She was dressed in blue and golden bright dress . Her dress was so bright as if all the stars of the sky were there to decorate it
Swara was flying in the sky. Her hair was open. Eyes were shining. She was looking very very beautiful.
Ragini goes to her and hugs her tightly :- Oh swara, you are a fairy. You too are like me like us. Oh swara am so happy. Now come we wil show these stupids who we are.?
Swara nods with a smile on her face.
Swaragini fought with all those goons(devils).
All goons runs from there.

Ragini was very happy. Swaragini came back to normal. Ragini was so happy. She was blabbering to herself.
Swara:- Ragiii.. and she faints.
Ragini goes and catch her. She took swara with her to swara’s house.
Sumi (tensed and almost crying):- shona, what happened to you swthrt. Ragini what happened to her. She have gone to meet her frnd how she get you. And plz tell me what happened to her.
Shekhar (tensed):- What happend to my princess.
Ragini:- Uncle, aunty don’t wry so much. She is fine. She is just weaken as it was probably her first time.
Sumi and Shekhar (together):- What first time??
Ragini(shocked):- Don’t you guyz know about it.
Sumi and Shekhar were looking at each other.
Ragini :- Okay i understood you both don’t know anything about swara ri8. Ok i will tell you everything. But uncle first of all please let us take swara to her room she will be fine after taking a proper rest.

Shekhar and Ragini took swara to her room and make swara sleep on her bed.
They came back to the hall. And sits.
Sumi:- Ragini plz tell me noe what happened to my shona and what were you saying that we know nothing about our daughter.
Shekhar:- Yes, ragini plz tell us what happened to her. First you faint and now swara what is happening. Will you please tell me??
Ragini:- She turns into her real identity today.
Sumi?:- What do you mean ragini?
Ragini :- She turns into fairy today.☺
Sumi and Shekhar both shocked??:- WHAT…
Ragini :- Yes uncle , the locket which is in her neck right now is “HEART OF THE OCEAN” which is given to a fairy. All our power is in this locket only.
She shows them her locket which was same as swara but purple in colour..
Shekhar:- It means that you….
Ragini:- Yes uncle, you are thinking absolutely ri8 i am also a fairy..
Sumi:- But how you faint near swara.. Did you knw that she is a fairy??
Ragini:- No aunty, it was just a coincidence. I was going to ALFEA, a special college made for fairies where we are trained, and taught everything. But i was feeling very weak on my way and also my vehicle stopped near that temple. And i faint there. It was coincident that swara saved me there and bring me here. When i woke up i saw her near me. I saw “HEART OF THE OCEAN” in her neck. I was shocked as this locket belongs to fairies only. Bt when i see that she is your daughter then i thought that it might be my mistake it may be some other locket similar to that.
Sumi :- She is not…
Ragini:- What aunty?
Shekhar:- She is not our daughter. We got her 18 years before from that jungle. That locket was with her.
Ragini :- Oh.. i see.
Shekhar and Sumi pleaded to ragini that she dont tell this truth to swara ever..
Ragini Nods.

Ragini :- Uncle, aunty i wl not tell swara anything.. about it but you plz think about sendig swara with me to ALFIA. Its important fr her.
Shekhar:- Bt swara k bina hmlog kaise rhenge. No, swara is not going anywhere. I cant tolerate to separate with her. I cant imagine to live without her. No ragini swara is not coming with you.
Shekhar left from there angrily.
Sumi saw ragini. Ragini was looking at her ver cutely as if she was pleading her to send swara to ALFIA.
Sumi:- Ragini, beta i knw you are think all this just for my shona. You don’t worry if its really very important for my shona then i will make shekhar understand. He loves shona a lot thats y he is reacting so. You dont wry beta.
Ragini nods:- I can understand aunty.
Sumi left from there and goes to shekhar..
Ragini goes to swara’s room. After sometime swara get up frm her bed. She saw Ragini there smiling.
Swara:- Ragini you ? Here? What was all that in jungle? It was all dream or my illusion? Why am i here?? What had hapoened to me?
Ragini:- Shona take a breath. First of all i want to tell you that whatever you saw was not a dream or illusion. It was all true.
Swara:- It means you…. are… a….
Ragini:- Yes swara i am a fairy.
Swara:- and me..
Ragini:- Yes shona you too are a fairy.
Swara:- but how??? (Actually swara was shocked a lot)

PRECAP- Go or not??

So guyzz how was this please tell me by ur comments . I will reveal heros in nxt 2 episodes. I know this episode was a little boring bt i am really sry? As i was very tired ?? today sry again???
Plz comment guyz and suggest pairs too..

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