ANGELS…… (Epi 2)


Hello guys its sweta again with next episode. Thank you very much for your comments. It inspires me to write better and regularly. So here is the nxt episode hope you will like it…..
RECAP:- swara’s birthday she got a girl and bring her home

SCENE starts
Swara made the girl sleep on her bed. She was staring her and thinking about her.
Swara(thinking) and roaming here and there in her room:- Oh god, what happened to this girl. Why doesn’t she get her consciousness back again? Oh god, she is so weak. Who is she? From where she is?
Sumi enters the room with fresh orange juice.
Sumi:- Shona, what happened to you beta? Why are you so tensed?
Swara:- Ma, look at her na. I am so tensed as we don’t know anything about her. Who she is from where she came and what happened to her…..
Sumi:- Shona, Shona, Shona beta take a breath. Let her be okay then ask all these questions from her. As only she can answer all these na.
Swara:- But Ma……
Sumi :- No ifs and no buts. Beta don’t think so much. She will be fine soon. Don’t worry so much dear.
Swara:- Ma, how can i be relaxed when she is not awakening. Look at her na she is so weak.
Swara takes a chocolate from her drawer. Whenever swara feels upset she eats chocolates nonstop.
Sumi:- Shona, beta don’t take so much stress. Relax beta.
Swara :- hmm
Shekhar comes there with doctor.
Shekhar :- sumi, swara is everything fine??
Sumi :- Shekhar she is still faint.
Doctor checks the girl and give her an injection. Swara closed her eyes tightly as she is afraid of injections.
Dr.:- Not to wry she will be fine within an hour.
Swara:- Thank you dr. Uncle
Dr. Left from there.
Shekhar:- Swara you stay here with her.
Sumi:- Shona relax she will be fine soon. Take care beta.
Swara:- Hmm Ma ,papa
Shekhar and Sumi left from there.
Swara get a call from her friend misha.( her schoolmate )
Misha:- Hey swaru happy bday yr
Swara:- Hi misha, and thnx swthrt.
Misha:- Only thanx. Oh hllo where is my treat. Where are you, madam? Why didn’t you come to college today? Where are you now?
Swara:- Misha ite sare swal.. i am at home dear there is a prblm here so….
Misha(concerned):- Swara, dear what happened baby? Uncle aunty are okay na.
Swara :- yeah misha everyone is fine. Actually…(she told all the situation regarding the girl to her)
Misha:- Oh swara, you are so nice. I am so lucky to get you as a frnd. Be with her sweetie. Call me if you need my help.okk
Swara:- Yeah sure swthrt, Chal ab bye.
Misha :- hmm bye swthrt meet you in cllg ok.
Swara :- yeah okk bye
Misha:- bye dear.
Swara returns to her room. She saw that girl was sitting on bed. She goes to her.
Swara:- hey , are you okay? You are fine na.
Girl:- Hmm , I am fine. Where i am ri8 nw?
Swara:- You are at my home. You fainted near temple. So i bring you here at my home .
She shouts – Ma, Papa plz come here.
Girl:- Thank you for help. You??
Swara:- Oh my god how stupid i am. Let me introduce myself to you. Hi i am swara gadodia.
Shekhar and Sumi enters there.
Swara introduce themselves too.
Swara:- Hey whats your name from where you are and how does you faint there.
Sumi:- Shona,ite sare sawal. Beta av av to thik hui hai wo let her take rest now. (To the girl) beta take this juice you will feel btr.
Girl :- Thank you aunty. I am Ragini kapoor. I am from very far. And i have to go very far . So i need to go now.
She tries to get up bt falls again on the bed.
Swara:- Ragini , look how weak you are take some rest. Do you want to have chocolates??
Ragini ? :- Yeah sure swara. Thank you.
Sumi and Shekhar left the room. Swaragini talks for more than one hour. Ragini saw swara’s locket. She was surprised to see that.

Ragini:- Swara now i need to go. As i have to reach there by tomorrow and my powers are still not working perfectly. I must go now. Thanx fr ur hlp.
Swara :- Ragini you have powers ? You are joking ri8.
Ragini :- wo actually i mean to say my strength. Bt i should leave now.
Ragini came out of swara’s room. Say bye to shekhar,sumi and swara.
Ragini left from there.
Swara :- Ma i am going to meet misha . Will come soon okk.
Sumi:- okk beta take care.
Swara was passing the jungle suddenly she saw that some goons are attacking ragini. She goes there to help her. The goons transform into some strange thing. They were looking very powerful.
Ragini :- swara you go from here i wll manage them
Swara :- Bt ragini…
Ragini :- swara plz go from here plz.
Ragini says some magical chants holding her locket. She transforms into a beautiful fairy. Swara was shocked to see all this. She think as if she was dreaming. She saw that ragini have wear a same locket as that of swara but purple in colour. Swara sees that her locket was sparkling a lot. Ragini also sees this. She shouts :- swara you are too like us….. swara
Swara felt some strange power overcoming her and she too became a fairy……..

PRCAP:- Ragini take swara to her home and tell her parents something…

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Credit to: Sweta

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