ANGELS…… (Epi 1)


Hi frnds, this is sweta. Am going to write a fan fiction again bt too different frm othrs hope you will like it…….

Its a morning in Kolkata. Everyone is doing there work. Some are going to offices some to other workplaces.
A girl is shown sleeping in her room. Sunlight falls on her eyes from the glass window. She is looking so beautiful like a fairy. Suddenly a voice calls her.. ”Shona, get up beta it’s ur birthday today don’t be so lazy on ur bday its already 9 o clock.” Its her mother’s voice. She enters in her room, sits beside her. The girl is still sleeping on the bed. Sumi said “beta wake up now its very late , you have to go to temple too. Its ur college first day too na .” The girl replied- “Ma, its my bday na, how can i wake without hearing papa’s voice. You knw na i always see both of you first on my every bday. Then how can swara gadodia break her record on her 18th bday.” (yes, she is swara gadodia our heroine and its her 18th bday today and first day of her college). Her mom, sumi smiles. Actually swara always see her parent first before beginning her day.
Suddenly her father, Shekhar gadodia enters in the room ”oh my little princess, ur papa is here. Now open your eyes shona.”
Swara woke up with joy and hugs her parents. Her parent wished her happy bday. Shekhar gives her bday present a very beautiful pendent it was in silver chain. There was a blue stone in that pendant, a deep blue in colour deep as the sea. She exclaimed with surprise and say, ”papa , isn’t it the same locket which you have promised to give me on my 18th bday. Oh, papa its so beautiful thank you a lot. I love you papa. I love you ma.”

Both her parents smile at her. She got up from the bed and goes to washroom to get ready. Shekhar and sumi step out of the room. Sumi stopped Shekhar and said,
Sumi:- Shekhar it was the same locket na which we got on that day when we got shona. isn’t it?
Shekhar:- yeah, it is.
Sumi:- It became 18 years since shona is with us. And i remember that night till now.
Shekhar:- Yeah, we had no child and we got shona there alone in that jungle. And from then she is our daughter i don’t want her to know this truth ever.
Sumi:- Yeah Shekhar, she is our daughter and will always be.
Sumi and Shekhar had not any child. Swara was not their child. They got her on a windy dark night. They remember something.

Shekhar and Sumi were very sad as they were returning from their doctor. Doctor have confirmed that they cant have their child. They were very sad. It was a windy night. They were driving to their home, suddenly their car stopped near a jungle. Shekhar came out of the car to repair it. Sumi was inside the car. She also came out of the car to help him. They hear a baby’s cry . First they thought it was their dream bt soon they realise that there was a baby who was crying. They go in the direction of the sound and found a new-born baby under a tree. She was crying. Sumi go and take the baby in her arms ,baby stop crying. It was a very cute baby. She was in a basket wrapped in a white cloth having a pendent in her basket(it was the same pendent which shekhar had gifted swara on her 18th bday). They took the baby and bring her home. From that night she was their daughter swara. They promised each other that they will take care of swara and love her a lot.
~~fb ends~~

Swara came out of her room. She have wore a white sleeveless top with sky blue distress jeans and a sky blue pullover. She was looking very beautiful in that simple attire. Her mother made her wear that necklace and said her to wear it everyday as it was looking very beautiful on her. She had her breakfast with her parents and go for her college. It was her first day in the college. She first went to the temple. There she gave chocolates to small children sitting there. She was going and saw a small puppy stucked between some big dogs. She goes and save that puppy. There was a boy (our hero) who was seeing all this . He was mesmerized by her beauty, simplicity, purity , and kindness. He was following swara as if he was hypnotized by her beauty. On the way a boy come and hug swara, he was her childhood friend, Rahul. He breaks his hug and wishes her happy birthday. He gave her a very beautiful purple rose. After seeing rahul with swara the our hero fumes. Suddenly he got a call from his friend and told him that he will reach there in 10 mins. He goes from there thinking rahul might be her boyfriend. He leaves.
Rahul:- Hey swara, where are you going now dear??
Swara:- Rahul, what a stupid question is this? You knw na today is my first day in college. So i am going to college.
Rahul:- hahaha vry funny swara gadodia. I am also going to cllg you know na i am ur senior if you want you can come with me.
Swara:- Am sry rahul but i would like to go alone as i have to go to the temple in jungle too. Ma have said to do some puja there as its my birthday. So i need to go frm the other way. Will meet u in cllg. Bye
Rahul:- Bye
Swara left for the jungle.
There was an ancient temple in that jungle. Swara had been found there so sumi take swara with her on her every bday to that temple and thank god to give them swara. So today also she said swara to visit there.
Swara reached the temple and finished her puja there.
While returning she saw a girl fainting. She goes and catch that girl and save her before falling. She was very beautiful. Have long black hairs. She was taller than swara. She was in a simple white sleeveless top and blue palazzo and a blue scarf around her neck. Swara try to wake her up. She gains her consciousness for a sec and asked where she is and again faints due to weakness. Swara took her to her home. And told all the happenings to shekhar and sumi. Sumi said “ you have done right beta make her rest in your room. I will bring some juice for her.”
Shekhar:- I am calling doctor.
Swara:- Thanx ma thanx papa
Swara in her room with that girl. She makes her sleep on her bed.

PRECAP:- swara fights some goons. And get to know a shocking truth

So friends, did you like it please tell me with your comments and wat do u think what’s the truth and who is that girl…..

Credit to: Sweta

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