Ashfa back with MY ANGEL

Here we resume the story

Gia sees shauri and smiles
Divya:u r his sister
Gia:actually i m not bt like his sis u may be ragini i m her sister and our families r close his father is out of town and mother she was busy so she sent me
Princi:ha mrs.goenka has called me
Gia:i think shaurya didnt do anything
Divya:oh god he does everything
Gia looks at shauri:wat he done mam u can say clearly
Divya:he is disturbing me he sings the song for me disgusting he is flirting with his teacher
Gia shocked:wat?

Rag takes sanskar in
Kart was ready with his over acting
San:hey rey watsup bro
Rey hugs him:all good
Rag:now u should meet him
San:u mean sanskar maheshwari

Rag glares at angel

San looks around he was ignoring karthik

Rag audible to reyansh:wat is he searching he is not looking at karthik

San:u r talking to me
Kar forwards his hand:hi…sanskar maheshwari naam tho suna hi hoga
San:ha suna hai par aap…he shakes his hand with him
Kar:i m sanskar maheshwari

San laughs:u hahaha u sanskar maheshwari hahahaha sanskar maheshwari….
He holds his stomach and laughs

Rag angrily beats karthik

Rey holds her
San:good acting ha……hahahahahaha????????????????
Angel too laughs
Rag glares bt angel was paying no head to her angel continues to laugh??????????

Rag imitates:naam tho suna hi hoga huh…
Rag hits her head:now wat vl i do that samarth

Gia:shauri u r doing this unbelievable
She controls hr laughter
Div:so wat should i do u say
Shauri kept silent
Gia gets a call from her office she replies that she vl come soon

Gia:this time u forgive him mam i vl look after it
Div:ok bt if next time he does same mistakes means wat should i do
Gia:no mam i vl look after it
Div smiles:hmm
Gia goes to him:shauri go to ur class and if i find this next time i vl tell to raj uncle
Shauri goes to the class

San:dont woery rag everything vl be fine
Rag:wat fine
Rey:hmm we vl think of something else come we should go back..
All nods
They all leaves

Here gia goes to office
Manager:u would be pa of siddharth khurana remember that and he will be coming here in any mins
Gia nodes
Man:he is the new owner so we dont know that how his attitude is i hope u r understanding wat i am saying
Gia nodes
Man:i think sir came be ready
At the time a stylish man enter the office with the bodyguards he stops them and enters
Every girls in the office were awestruck to see him
Manager welcomes him
Siddharth is played by ravi dubey)

He then gives his intro

Later ge sits in the cabin
Gia enters:sir gia gadodia
Man:she is ur pa
Sid:gia gadodia
Man goes
Sid:ok gia u can start ur work…

Sid goes through on gia’s bio data
His face lightens:gadodia prerna gadodia ki beti
Mission gia

Sid then calls someone:wr r u??i am here in your place sorry come fast

Precap:sid meeting gadodias

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