Angel Of Our Life, Ishana…

Hi, guys. This is first time I’m writing a story on ShivIka. This is based on current track of ishqbaaz but according to my imagination. I hope you will like it…



Shivaay is being treated in ICU. OmRu and AniRiSouYa are crying vigorously looking at his state.

Annika: I can’t live if anything happens to my Shivaay…

Gauri: (hugs her) Don’t worry, bhojai. Nothing will happen to bade bhaiya. He will be fine…

Rudra: Yes, bhabhi. He faced a lot of dangers before. He fight and came back to us. Now also he will come back to us.

Om: (holds Annika’s hand) Be strong, bhabhi. Shivaay can’t leave us. He knows we can’t stand his loss. So, he will fight the death and come to us. (Annika cries and hugs both of them)

The doctor come out from the ICU. All rush towards him.

Annika: Doctor, how is my Shivaay?? He is fine, right??

Doctor: I’m sorry, Mrs Oberoi. Your husband is safe but he slipped into coma. (All are shocked)

Annika: (screams) No!! This cannot happen. I want my Shivaay.

Bhavya: (hugs her) Bhabhi, bhaiya just in coma. He will be conscious soon. Don’t fall weak.

Om: Doctor, when he will get conscious??

Doc: Not sure, Mr Oberoi. It can be a day or a month or… We can’t say anything. Just pray to the God. (The doctor leaves)

They go inside ICU. Annika fall on knees and cries her heart out looking at Shivaay’s state. All console her. Veer who was standing outside of the room smiles in happiness and walks away from there…

Veer: (while walking) Finally, Shivaay Singh Oberoi is out of my way. I can have Annika for myself. No one can stop me from having her. (A girl collides with him)

Girl: (gives an apologetic look) I’m sorry..

Veer: (stares and nods his head. The girl leaves) Annika is only mine. Don’t worry, Annika. Your Shivaay will not open his eyes. I will make his coma as permanent sleep for him.

Shivaay opens his eyes and gets up from the bed. He sees Annika crying badly and others are consoling her. Shivaay is confused and goes towards them.

Shivaay: Annika, why are you crying. I’m fine. Nothing happened to me. (Annika continue to cry making him more confuse) OmRu, why are you two crying as well?? See, I’m fine. (They too didn’t react with him)

Shivaay wonders why no one is reacting with his presence. He tries to touch Annika but he can’t touch her. His hand penetrates her body which make him shock. He tries to touch her again but the same happens again…

Shivaay: (looks at his hand) What’s wrong with me?? Why I can’t touch my Annika??

He looks at his bed and shocked to see him lying unconsciously with many wires fixed on his body.

Shivaay: I’m lying there but how come I’m here. That means am I dead?? No, the machine is showing that I’m alive. (Thinks a while) That means I’m in coma. (Cries)

Annika: (holds Shivaay’s hand) Please wake up, Shivaay. I can’t see you like this. (Shakes him.)

Shivaay: Annika, I’m here only. Look at me, Annika. Your Shivaay is beside you only. (Cries terribly)

A nurse come inside the room.

Nurse: You can’t make noise like this. Other patients will be disturbed. Please leave from this room now. (OmRu take Annika and leave from the room with GauSouYa)

Shivaay: (runs behind them) Annika!! Don’t leave!! Om!! Rudra!! (They couldn’t hear him and leave from the hospital heavy heartedly)

Shivaay cries see his family leaving from the hospital. He sits in devastated.

Shivaay: God!! What I will do now?? Already a lot of problem in my family?? I promised daadi to make everything fine. But, now, I’m in this state. No one is able to see me. How I’m going to protect my family? (Sees lord Durga’s idole and goes towards her) Only you can help me. Please do something. I need to protect my family. (Prays folding his hands. He heard a voice)

Voice: Excuse me…

Shivaay: (turns towards the voice and see a girl) Yes…

Girl: Can you tell me where is the pharmacy here??

Shivaay: Sorry, I don’t know…

Girl: (smiles) That’s ok. Thank you. (Leaves from there)

Shivaay sits and covers his face with his hands in disappointment. He takes his hands from his face and thinks something. He runs from there searching for something. He sees the girl who talked to him just now. She is at the pharmacy buying some medicines. He waits for her. The girl finished buying the medicines and about to leave.

Shivaay: (goes to her) Excuse me.

Girl: (turns to him) Yes. (Thinks a while and smiles) I found the pharmacy. No worries. Bye.

Shivaay: Wait!! (The girl looks at him) Can you see me??

Girl: (gives him a weird look) Yes. Any doubt??

Shivaay: (grins happily) Seriously?? You can see me??

Girl: ((thinks) Is he mad or what?? He is asking like he is an invisible person…) I’m not blind, ok?? I can see everything clearly. (Leaves from there in anger)

Shivaay: (smiles in tears) Thank you, God. You give me a solution. Thank you very much. (Leaves from there)

Please tell me if I should continue this story…

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      Thanks a lot, bro… Yeah… I posted it on watty but I didn’t get good response.. I thought it’s boring.. that’s why I didn’t post the chapter yet and stopped till the teaser.. I thought to try it here to see if the readers are liking it or not…

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