Angel of my heart-Adivi fs (Woh apna sa) – Shot 7

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Very dissappointed with the cmts. Please do cmt this time. Todays epi is on adi’s voice. Enjoy reading..

Janu left without listening to me. I could see her tears. That hurted. I know she loves me n so do I. I love u janu. U r the angel of my heart….the angel who stole my heart but who is this rajveer? What connection does he has witg janu? Many questions were roaming in my mind but I didn’t have answers of any of them. I kept all my thoughts aside n rushed to the car. I hurridely took out the car from the parking n drove off. Janu where are u.

After about 10 minutes I saw janu. She was walking on the silent road rubbing the exposed parts of her hands with tears in her eyes. Those tears pricked my heart. I drove towards her. I stopped the car just a few miles away from her. I got down from the car. She saw me but tried ignoring me. She kept walking n I too walked beside her. The wind blew n I could see her rubbing the exposed parts of her hands. I took out my coat n draped it around her shoulder. As I did that she lovingly looked at me. She didn’t say a word n neither did I. We just kept walking. At times we looked each other but didn’t say a word. By now her tears had stopped. I was not in rush for her answer. I swear I can wait for her my whole life. I just want to enjoy this moment right now.

As we were walking I could see some drunk guys eyeing her. I really wanted to break their face but it’s not their fault janu is so beautiful that she could grab anyone’s attention. I could see the fear in janu’s eyes. I just moved to the other side of her n held her hand. The guys gave me a dirty look n went away. She undeestood that I was protecting her. She smiled a bit. It was almost midnight n we were walking since an hour. I did hate the silence but no matter what I was enjoying that very moment. After sometime she finally broke the silence. ‘Adi about Rajveer.’ she said. I could hear the nervousness in her voice. ‘Janu we can talk about that later. Let’s just enjoy. Kya pata kaal ho na ho.’ I said giving her a smile n I guess the smile did have an impact on her. We hanged out the whole night. We were walking without any destiny but we did lot of masti.

Next scene
@coffee shop
After our class as always we were in the coffee shop. But it felt so different today. ‘Adi rajveer.’ She opened her mouth to say something but I interupted in between. I did wanna know who he is but I know janu was not comfortable to talk about him. ‘Janu chill I am not in a hurry. Just relax.’ ‘Adi I know u want to know about rajveer.Rajveer is..’ before she could complete the waiter came to take our order. We both ordered coffee. Then she told me evwrything about rajveer. I was broken to hear that but I didn’t lose hope. She was waiting for rajveer since 2 yrs back but what if he ditches her she would broke down n I can’t let that happen. ‘Janu I can wait for u my whole life n no matter what u will always remain the angel of my heart. I will be happy if I get my love but I will be even more happy if u get ur love.’ I said with a fake smile on my face. The smile was fake but my feelings were true. I am ready to sacrifice her if her happiness lies in Rajveer. I have no selfishness in my love.

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  1. Actually just very gentle and loving from The heart!
    Love what is building and what janu will begin to feel- keep going …

  2. Sometimes silence speaks volumes. The tender moments between Adi and Jhanvi are cute and it’s good that he has confronted his feelings and realised that he loves her as well. I can see that Adi feels some degree of jealousy…. ??

  3. very nice ….

  4. nice…..BT I expect some more togetherness….of adivi

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