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‘Have u lost it. U know I have already given my heart to someone else n I can’t ditch him.’ I said. ‘That was past janu. Yesterday was history. Tomorrow is mystery n today is the reality. Live ur life today. Learn to live ur life by heart. He won’t come back.’ Rashmi said trying to convince me. ‘I guess he will come.’ I said wiping my tears. ‘See u only have doubt on him. U too don’t have any hope. U won’t accept that u r in love. Ok fine but remember one thing janu it’s not late yet but one day u will regret if u don’t express it right now.’ She said folding her arms. ‘Rashmi.’ Her mum called her. ‘Yes mum coming. Think about it janu.’ she said n left. She left but left me in confused state. Am I in love with adi? I remembered how the driver said love is beautiful but painful as well. No I can’t ditch rajveer. Janu it’s just attraction nothing else. I tried convincing myself but still my heart felt heavy. My eyes were teary but however I controlled my tears. The melodious music sounded horrible. I didn’t like anything. I hadn’t had anything since morning but still I didn’t have appetite. When I had company I wanted to be alone n now when I am alone I want company. Why does this always happens to me??? I can’t comprehend what’s going on inside me.

My thoughts were disturbed when I saw nisha n adi dancing. I know everyone were dancing n enjoying the party which really didn’t matter for me. The thing that mattered was adi n nisha were dancing n they were so close. My blood again started boiling. My mind went blank. I guess I was jealous. At that very moment I wanted to kill nisha. But I did nothing. I just stood still watching them. I could not take it any longer. I headed towards them. They were still dancing. They saw me but ignored me. I don’t know what happened to me at that very moment. I caught adi’s wrist n pulled him towards me. Nisha was shocked by my behaviour but no one else did notice this. I then caught his hand n took him outside. ‘Hey janu what happened something important.’ He said.
‘Now for talking with u I have to have an important topic.’ I said being miffed.
‘It’s nothing like that.’ He said.
‘U don’t need anyone except nisha…not even me…u have forgotten our friendship. ‘
‘Chill yaar…it’s nothing like that.’

‘How can I chill?’ I said grabbing his collar.
‘Why r u behaving like this? What is your problem?’
‘What is my problem? I should be asking this to u. What is ur problem. U r ignoring me. U r behaving as if I mean nothing to u. U n nisha r making me go mad.’ I said turning around. I really don’t know what I was speaking. My mind had gone blank.

‘Why is nisha affecting u so much? Why do u want my attention? Why??? Hum apke hain kaun.’ He said turning me towards him. I remained silent. ‘Why??’ He said looking into my eyes. ‘Coz I love u.’ I shouted. ‘I love u adi.’ I said. Listening this he hugged me tightly. I too hugged him back. We have hugged each other many times but this one felt different. I felt so secure in his arms. ‘I love u too janu.’ he said. What did I just say? I shouldn’t have said that. I can’t love adi. I can’t ditch rajveer. I can’t. I can’t break the heart of nisha. I can’t. I broke the hug n took two steps back. ‘Adi I can’t love u. I can’t snatch the love of nisha.’ I said as a tear drop rolled down my eyes. ‘Janu listen to me.’ He said taking a step towards me n continued,’Nisha n I were just pretending. She was helping me to make u realise ur feeling. I am sorry. I know I hurted u.’

‘It’s not only about nisha… I can’t love u…I can’t ditch rajveer.’ I said with teary eyes n left from there. ‘Janu listen to me.’ He said follwing me. I immediately stopped a cab n left from there before he could catch up with me.

Next scene
I didn’t go home as I didn’t wanted mum to involve in all this. ‘Ma’am where shall I drop u.’ the driver asked. ‘Drop me here.’ I said wiping my tears. I gave him his fee n got down. The stars were twinkling in the sky like always. Cool breezes passed by touching every nooks of my body. The road was silent. Tears were rolling down my eyes. I was in dilemma whether I should listen to my heart or my mind. My heart wished to be with adi whereas opposite to my heart my mind told me to wait for Rajveer. I have been waiting for him since 2 years back. We met in a traning camp n fell in love with each other. We were together for a very short time as he had to leave for abroad to complete his studies. We were incontact for a month but then his phone went engaged. I searched him in social networking sites but he was not available but he had promised that he would return one day n if he returns then I can’t ditch him. In the past few years I have changed but I never left hope. Even I had forgotten to live my life. Adi was the only person with whom I felt so comfortable.

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