Angel of my heart-Adivi fs (Woh apna sa) – Shot 2

Dedicated to: Rashid n SYP

Next day
A swamp of student buzzed inside the cafeteria in the lunch hour. The cafeteria was crowded with students. However I n janu managed to get a table. She wore black, skin-tight jean and a black-and-white striped T-shirt. She was looking breathtaking. I couldn’t take my eyes out of her. But no I wouldn’t say that I fell in love with her. ‘It’s just attraction nothing else’ I tried to convince myself.

Within few moments the waiter arrived. ‘Sir ma’am your order please.’ The waiter said. ‘Coffee.’ we said in unison. The waiter smiled and said ‘Ok sir ma’am u will get your order in few minutes. Our choice are so same. Is she the angel of my heart for whom I am looking for. No no she can’t be the one. Oh god what am I thinking. She is just my friend.
“Adi any plan this afternoon?” she said.
Wow I never before knew my name could sound that sugary. Everything about her is so beautiful.
“Adi are u listening?” she said.
“Oh sorry.” I said.
Suddenly she became angry or pretended to be angry. Oh god there was nothing to get angry on. Girls are really so sophiscated. Their mood swing so fast.
“Janu, am sorry. Now I will listen to you.”
“Tell me one thing. Am I your friend or not?” she said.
“Yah u are my friend.”
“Then why did u say sorry. Don’t u know in friendship no sorry and no thank u.”
“Ok sorry baba for saying sorry.”

We both started laughing. Meanwhile our order arrived. She took a sip of coffee and I too did the same.
“No plan yet, anything special.” I said.
“Not really but we could hangout in your place or in my. What’s say?”
“That’s a great idea. I live in boys hostel so why not your place?”
“I have got even more exciting plan. Let’s hangout in ur place.” She took a sip of coffee saying this.
“In my place.” I said in astonishment.
“Yah. U will sneak me in.”
I just took a sip of coffee. I was hell confused what was going in her mind.
“Have u gone mad. The guards won’t let u in.”
“So what? Don’t worry I will handle everything.”
She just took the last sip of coffee with a smile which was full of naughtiness.
“No u won’t sneak in the hostel. U can’t.”I said taking the last sip of coffee.
“What do u mean I can’t? U are challenging Jhanvi. Now I will surely sneak in. Just wait n a watch.”
“Ok then. Let’s see.”
“But if I sneak in u have to treat me.”
“Ok done.” I said.

Precap: Mission sneak in.

Hey guys,
How are u all? Sorry for keeping u waiting. Hope u guys liked it. Sorry if it bored u n thanks for lending me your valuable time.

Today’s shot is dedicated to my two special buddies: Rashmi and Shreya. Guys u two are the most special friend of my life. Thank u for coming in my life n being their with me during the worst n best moments of my life. Hope u guys get that one friend that u guys always longed for. I may not be that friend that u guys wanted but u guys are n will always be my special friend. I wanted to say I hate u but I can’t coz I love u guys.

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  1. Wonderful Twinj… I smiled while reading. It refreshing to see Jhanvi from Adi’s perspective… I’m sure he’ll fall in love sooner than we think….just like how Janu fell in love with Adi sooner than SHE thought…… So thoughtful of you to dedicate your writings to the ones who’ve made an impact in your life, however minute…….that shows your consideration for the value of friendship. Interesting read… Not boring at all. Keep going…. I’m on your side……

  2. Wow- this was beautiful – keep up the writing- good job- your friends are lucky and maybe a writer will see how good you are and make a show with you- best wishes

  3. Pratha

    Oh twinj u were superb really I am not able to express my feelings.
    It was fun please post next asap I’m not able 2 wait….

  4. Swasti_aaku (registered member)

    That was awesome amazing…Really loved it to the core.Adi is falling for janu that’s just awesome and precap was the best.Sneak in sounds good.Post asap.

  5. Aarzu

    Hey twknj sorry for the late comment again… Actually I was too very busy because of my competition exams nd with my ff too that’s why I wasn’t able comment… But it was awsm… Keep writing nd post ASAP… Riya(Khwaish) ???

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