Angel of my heart-Adivi fs (Woh apna sa) OS

Dedicated to: Naz

The tiny droplets of water sliding over the leaves gently stroked the ground; cool breezes passed by touching every nooks of my body. There was a very pleasant atmosphere. Moreover the raindrops added an extra beauty to the environment. My inspection was going deep on and with every turns of my head; I found the college environment more mesmerizing but at one instant my head freezed, my eyes remained wide open, my thoughts paused n I could feel my heartbeat increasing. There was a girl in the basketball court, so to the power infinite times beautiful. She shined like the brightness of the moon during the night. There was no ideal word to define her beauty; even the great literature would have failed to find an ideal word to describe her beauty. It was drizzling n she was enjoying that moment. Drops of rains were sliding down her face.

She was totally wet but still she didn’t care. She was dancing n jumping in the rain. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in rain.” I had heard this from my mother n she is right. I felt a strong feeling deep inside my heart. ‘U have to talk that girl at least once.’ my heart said. I slowly walked towards her. She was still enjoying the moment n dancing. As I proceeded nearer to her she emerged out to be more beautiful. And within the next moment I was infront of her, entirely blank n speechless.

Then suddenly she slipped n within no moment she was in air. She closed her eyes in fear but I caught her by her waist n didn’t let her fall down. She slowly opened her eyes. For a moment I was totally lost in her eyes then after sometime the rain drops broke our eye lock. In those few moments something happened to my heart. We were wet in the rain but neither she cared nor I. We were just enjoying the moment.

No, I wouldn’t say I fell in love with her. I wouldn’t even say I felt attracted to her. But I don’t know why my heart beat increased. “Hey. Are u alright?” I said. She just waggled her head. “Hi I am Aditya.” I said. “Hi I am Jhanvi. FRIENDS.” she replied forwarding her hand n we shook our hand but I don’t know why I felt a current passing through my body.
“What’s your course?” she asked as we proceeded towards the gate.
“Sociology n yours.” I said.
“Same punch me too sociology.” she said, punching my left arm slightly.
“Ouch… it hurts.” I said dramatically.

“Sorry.” she said catching her both ears. OMG she was looking so cute. I wanted to pull her cheeks at that very moment but I just smiled n said, “Am joking.” “Adi.” she said punching my left arms slightly. “U made friends here.” she said.
“Yah n that friend is u.” I said.
“Oh god I mean to say any other friend.” she said with a smile.
“Not yet.” I replied with a smile.
“Same here.” she said. Oh god she is so cute. Her silky straight wet hair, inch perfect eyes, perfectly sliced nose, baby pink shed lips and a cute smile over that paradise. She is too beautiful; I guess the most beautiful creation of god.

Hey guys,
Sorry if it bored u n hope u all liked it. Plz do drop ur cmts below. Thanks for lending your valuable time. I will try to post the next part soon.

Very very Happy Birthday Naz. May god bless u n may all your wishes come true. Thank u so much for being my friend. The way u analyze the things r just amazing. May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, happiness and the feeling of love. May u get all the happiness. May u have a fantastic birthday. Always keep smiling. Love u.


Loads of love,

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  1. Pratha

    It was fab twinj
    write soon
    post next asap

    1. Twinj

      Thank u pratha…glad to know that u liked it…
      Will try to post next part very soon…

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey twinj , this is so sweet of u to write an OS for naz, happy birthday naz i actually like to watch woh apna sa and recently became a fan of it as i saw my mom was watching it. But i have a few episodes to catch up ?, that’s why I don’t comment in the written updates but once I catch up will comment and I have read ur twinj os b4 too
    And yeah awesome os keep it up ?

    1. Thank you my dear also, for your birthday greetings. Please join us on WAS….please.

    2. Twinj

      Thank u…Glad to know that u liked it…
      WELCOME TO THE GRP…Plz do join us very soon….
      OH YAY HOW CAN i FORGET U, u had cmted on my os she is the one god made for me….
      U remember me….Oh god….

      Loads of love

  3. Awsm dear.its tooooooooo this wonderful ff souldn’t be comentlees.realy its awsm dear.

    1. Twinj

      Thank u aanya….
      thank u so much for encouraging me…

      Loads of love

  4. OMG…..Twinj……you brought tears to my eyes by your wonderful dedication to our friendship, I didn’t expect to see this beautiful passage when I opened up this page moments ago….awwwww…’ve melted my heart……. This is one of the most memorable and precious gifts I’ve EVER had in my life, it means the world to me,that we were able to form a friendship since we’ve started our journey on this forum and on DSDT and TEI……I can’t express my gratitude enough, thank you my dear,may you be blessed with good health, happiness, the best in education beccause i know that you are stiil writing exams ,prosperity and love for the rest of your life. Just to let you know, I’m still crying with happiness for your thoughtfulness…..thank you my dear Aakriti….you are a gem !!! Lots of love and affection from me on this side of the globe……..muahhhhhhhhh…..

    1. Twinj

      Oh god naz…u brought a 440 volt smile on my face…gosh I am still smiling….I am so happy that u loved the shot…..this is nothing infront of our friendship….N plzz don’t thank me….I should actually thank u for being my friend….ur friendship is too precious just like u….There is a long journey to go through….we will always stay friends…friends forever……may u also be blessed by god…may all ur wishes come true n may u always stay happy n healthy…..LOVE U too…Happy belated birthday…

      Loads of love,

  5. aww man so sweet of you having naz for a friend is worth it my dear it was a wonderful piece too good keep it up i have only known about her recently and she is a warm human being i can tell you its an honor having the likes of Naz and Sapphire on this forum

    1. Twinj

      THANK U…
      Yah it’s an honour to have friends like naz n sapphire…not only them it’s an honor to have friends like u….who keep encouraging me…..Love u guys…

      Loads of love

  6. Jerry_36

    Awesome. Beautifully written❤

    1. Twinj

      Thank u dear…
      Glad to know that u liked it…

      Loads of love

  7. it was supper waiting for the next part update

    1. Twinj

      Hey preetham,
      Thank u….glad to know that u liked it
      Will try to post as soon as possible

      Loads of love

  8. just let me know what have u eaten before writing this…..plzz

    1. Twinj

      Hey rosh,
      I really don’t know what I ate n wrote it…
      Am so glad that u liked it….

  9. Aarzu

    Woooooowwww twinj sorry for the late cmnt actually I was busy…. But yeah its awsm….. ? ? ? ? ? keep writing nd post ASAP

    1. Aarzu

      Oops sorry I forgot…. I m Khwaish (Riya)

    2. Twinj

      Hey riya di
      Thanks for encouraging n sorry for the late reply…will try posting tomorrow….

      1. Aarzu

        No. Problem yrrr take ur time

  10. Just beautiful – you have a heart of gold – God bless and keep expressing yourself !
    Thank you.

    1. Twinj

      Hey arch
      Thanks…it really means a lot…

  11. Wow…amazing twinj…mero chuchu…??

    1. Twinj

      Oh god SYP
      U r just too much….thanks….love u…

  12. Wow…mind blowwwwinnnnngggg twinj…mero chuchu…??

  13. Hey Twinj, I think you should continue writing, don’t stop. Your introduction is very interesting, you have used your words beautifully to describe the visuals . I was taught that in school….that the first paragraph in the introduction must be visually expressive, that’s how you hold your readers attention. The body of your writings should contain the bulk of your plot and the conclusion should wrap up the story in a neat little bow. Please continue, you have a great start and good job so far…. I’ll be reading….. Lots of affection…….

    1. Twinj

      Hey naz
      Thanks once again…am trying to post the next part but a bit network problem…will try my best to post it tommorow….thanks u really make me feel so special…

      Loads of love

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