Abhi asked to pragya will u marry me?? Pragya was shocked she said n….abhi interrupted just an contract marriage just two months within that my dadi will get well as she’s not well now I told her I’ll bring her bahu She’ll be waiting pls I’ll convince once she’s fine .see only agreement pragya was thinking n said OK deal only for ur dadi..he asked I’ll talk about this to ur parents n explain it okk pragya said no need of that I’ll manage .abhi asked sure she said cent percent .she said okk wait here I’ll come n she began to climb the pipe abhi was seeing her with open mouth as she was jumping n climbing not like a girl.

Here abhis dadi was waiting for abhi to arrive n she thought her grandson is the best one .

Pragya jumped to balcony n went to room she packed some stuffs most of it were diaries teddy stick note n files + her laptop n phone n some money with some books too her bag was already filled she took some dresses n went through the door. Abhi asked her if was the door was open why can’t u go in like this n doing stunts like monkey.pragya said oye oye stop life must have thrill so take a chill pill okk come let’s go what ull say to ur family .she said come let’s go n sat in his car abhi thought crazy pagal ladhki n smiled he too sat on the car.

Abhi was driving while pragya called someone n said aunty I’m going to meet my friend abhi who has met with an accident. Abhi coughed hearing this she stamped his foot n said it’s a girl only her name is abhinaya I think I’ll stay there some days n I’ll do that research also the person on the other side said okk n cut call n smiled evilly n said go u stupid who Cares about u tmrw we r going to see alliance fr my daughter n I’m glad ur not in it as it beautiful just like ur mom jeevitha. Now my daughter will settle in mehra residence.
Abhi was driving the car while he asked pragya r u like this all time she asked like what abhi said like lying pragya said when did I lie n kept her face innocent why r u blaming me see now itself u started ur typical husband drama n act as crying .abhi said I simply
What simply u.abhi said sorry pragya asked fr watabhi said fr making u cry pragya laughed when abhi was mused she said just for fun baby.she said stop near a shop to try contract marriage dresses abhi nodded n took her to a shop.
Seeing the name of shop pragya made weird faces

Precap pragya shopping n abhigya to get stuck in a lift n abhi to bring pragya home nn.

Guys a suggestion whom shall I put as pragya aunt daughter suggest me guys

N do u like it?????? If so comment guys n Kristy sorry fr late update choti n thanks fr all who commented in previous episode

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  1. sooo nice dear plzzz u can use all other names but plzzzz don’t include tanu and her mum bcos I feel suffocated wen I hear of their names ,,,,,,,,so I prefer riya, rithika,and all but as for the mother I don’t know anyone may be u can use dadi, haahaahaaa jux joking yaaaar dadi can be selfish but not bad to that extent,,,,,,,,and plzzzz update next part soooon lovvvvvvve uuuu loads

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      Thanks Lopez for ur love n lovely comment

  2. Superb dear ..abhigya scene so cute dear…i suggest you riya …update soon

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  3. Cute n lovely dear

  4. Super dear….

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  5. Prathi

    Contact marriage?? Waiting for it dear

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  6. Superb dear….nice to see pragya like this…. i think so much masti is waiting for us in mehra house….precap is superb…. I suggest you riya….waiting for your next update…. plz post it soon….

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