After 16 yes leap

We could see someone riding a bike in high speed n did many stunts seems like he’s an bike racer. Yes no no no the person is removing his helmet it was a girl yes she has long hairs the wind blows her beautiful face is revealed she is our pragya all cheers for her .she parks her bike she was wearing a white top n blue jean with a black jacket.her lips were cherry red n eyes with kajal her looks were killing all hearts.

Somewhere we could see a person sitting on beach he said I’m here to suicide o Lord pls take my life but before that let me spend my last moments here.

Pragya said okk guys its time bye I want to go home or u know all said okk but let’s meet soon she said okkk bye all.she wore her helmet n rode bike to a beach she saw someone was sitting their sad ..

She went near him n asked why r u sad r u here to suicide he asked how u know she sat beside him n said ur face just shows it.he said anyways my name is abhishek n urs n she said I’m pragya he said what r u doing here?pragya said here’s my home that’s why tell me why u decided to commit suicide he said my family was beautiful with my Maa but after that my papa used to hate me .my dadi n bro separated me later our family broke dadi took me away n papa joined my bros in boarding school. I loved a girl she promised to live with me n solve my family issues.but she cheated me she just wanted to time pass I told my dadi that I’ll bring her bahu but now.she asked so u planned to suicide huh he nodded yes pragya said hey mister
Sometimes we don’t end up in the place where we want to be,
But end up where we want to be okk

She asked r u living away from ur papa she said no then we all r living in same house but we never spoke to each other.she asked but ur dadi took u na. But we came again as papa insisted dadi to stay …..

She said OK dude everyone has problems so don’t suicide maybe u would find someone better OK
Abhi felt better with her words.he stood up n asked will u marry me???
Pragya was shocked

Will pragya accept abhi proposal or what she’ll do?? What’s their destiny.
Precap: pragya said no no….. but yes……… okk done……..

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  1. sema twist dear……….

  2. Prathi

    Princess not fair very short update!! Abhi is too fast 😀

  3. hey sooo nice dear and precab was sooo funny

  4. Omg. Omg omg. Omg. Omg. Omg. Update soon. Awesome update but a little too short. Make it a bit longer. Update ASAP like even tomorrow would be great.

  5. Oh angel it was Superb dear. .can’t wait..pls update soon

  6. Wow super dear….

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