Pragya,was looking at the moon.She looked at abhi who was sleeping peacefully on his bed.she saw his smiling face.She said I’m sorry abhi,I have to do this.I have to expose all truth,I know it will hurt to the extreme abhi.I love you abhi.
She sat on the bed n played with his hair,she said I love you abhi,but will you believe me.

She snuggled close to him n slept.Abhi put his hand on her.She pecked him n slept peacefully in his arms.Maybe,it was last day in his embrace.Abhi woke up at 3 ,he was shocked to see pragya sleeping on him.Her hands entertwined with him. She looked so cute.He was mesmerized by his beautiful wife.He slowly put his hand on her bare waist.Pragya woke up ,she was breathing heavily to see abhi so close to her. Abhi was above her.He slowly slid his hands on her shoulder ,pragya was looking into his eyes lost. Abhi moved close to her,she pushed him n turned.Her face was bright red .she said Mr.abhi first proposal n then only ur Mrs so after that only this and all okk.
She rushed out n locked room.

Abhi was running his fingers in his hair,he was not able to control himself. He was sleepless now.He twirled in his room. .

Pragya was too spinning happily. She was very happy,when she saw ranveer proposing ishani.Ishani said yes.both were now back.

Pragya said all blackmailed things to ranveer.Ranveer vowed to find out culprit soon,n promised to take good care of ishani.

Pragya was very happy,now she has join the family.she saw time it was 5 .She saw arjun walking out.she followed him.He was following piya.pragya too followed him.Piya went to park n sat on the bench.She started to cry. She confessed all her crimes to tomb there. It was her mothers.She said that sunandha carried a candle for Arjun in her heart.But I snatched him maa. Maa,I’m going to go away from Arjuna life. Somewhere in these days, I started loving him maa.I’ll soon expose culprit n then I’ll come to you maa.

Arjun was listening to all these.He looked at her,he was about to go .when pragya caught him.She told Arjun give her a chance,she deserves it.pls Arjun once for me. Arjun said yes bhabhi I will n went near piya.He hugged her n said Ill give you a chance piya .piya hugged him n said thanks arjun.

Pragya went home,only one final thing to do.she sighed n prayed durga maa,when someone hugged her from back.It was abhi .He said so ms pragya, a date??
Pragya nodded yes.

Both got ready. Abhi asked ms pragya today full ur going to be with me.pragya said but I’m busy n pouted. Abhi took her in bridal style n put her in car. He drove off to his wife’s dream proposal place.

Precap:abhigya special date .

Guys sorry for such late update.apne joothe na uttaren.Love u all guys.pls support me.miss u all,pls support your sis.I’m well now only guys .see ur princess is now back I’ll soon complete this guys. Reply to me guys. I want to reply to each of you.miss you all.My first tu sissies ,bhai n little angels n friends.

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