Abhi was carrying pragya in her arms,she was sleeping cutely, she was holding abhis hand so tight.he made her lie on the bed n patted her .pragya was so cute .abhi was staring her.never did he thought that he would fall for her.


At beach where abhigya met n decided to get married ,

Abhi says pragya ur the only one whom I trust after vaishnavis betrayal.vaishnavi was abhis lover, both were a cute couple.abhi never believed in lobe,but that girl changed his life into 360degree within few months of her friendship.her childish act made abhi fall for her.slowly he fell in deep love, she too loved him.both were love birds of fact every couple wanted to be in their place.pragya was their friend.she was one who made abhi clear when something bothers him.abhi had never felt uneasy while sharing with her.vaishnavi hated pragya for her importance in abhis life.

One day she decided to separate them,so she made a plan.

Screen shifts to a place like old storeroom

Bats were clinging to wall n many screeching of rats n web clinging to place made it look creepy.inside we can see a lady sitting the same lady who wants abhigya separation, but why??she calls someone n says I want them to be separated n said something muted. Person on other side asked jaan why can’t we do it now. That old lady said no no do only when I say n cuts call n smiles widely.

Here fb abhis POV

Vaishnavi my love,I saw her plotting against my pragya.I grew angry on her lame plan to harm pragya. I shouted vaishnavi the world place were shocked by my Loud voice,somehow I managed to control my voice n dragged her from that place.she said that she didn’t like me n pragya being close.I was shocked. We fought n we were about to separate when pragya made us clear our misunderstanding.after few days,pragya said me that vaishnavi was cheating on me.I scolded her n hurted her with words.I didn’t knew what I was doing, I literally hurted her but love, maybe not love blinded my eyes. I ignored day I saw her cheating on me.I grew angry,I broke my relationship there.

Now I had no gut to face her, how I hurted her soon as she heard the news she came to me,she was scared of what happened to me ,she worried about my condition.I regretted.

Great people say,
Never explain yourself to a friend as they don’t need it,but never explain yourself to enemies they r not gonna believe it.

She forgave me.we became friends again

Fb [email protected]@@

.I thought that she was a happy girl having a sweet family,but never did I think she was bearing this much pain.I knew she had a creul aunt but I didn’t know her parents died when she was too young.after vaishnavi ,I never had belief in love.

When my dadi pestered me to marry my aunts daughter I said I love someone just to escape,but dadi said to marry her,as days passed she got heart attack,so for her I n pragya made a contract to live in marriage of 6 months.pragya accepted just for my sake.first she refused, but abhi convinced her.

Purab knocked the door, then only abhi realised it was morning ,he didn’t sleep the whole night he was remembering past n admiring his angel.abhi opened the door n gestured purab to be quiet as pragya was sleeping.purab smiled as he entered inside.he was happy at least now pragya deserves happiness.

Abhi washed his face n took purab to the study room.
Both were seated on royal cushions ,purab began to tell ,

After that incident pragya Di came to her mamus house, her aunty pestered her,she made her do all household works,one day his voice choked she took pragya didi somewhere n after that pragya Dido started getting panic attacks,she came to our house,later we made her normal with help of doctor.she didn’t say anything about where she went. But when she came ,she looked pathetic her dress was slightly torn n she was bruised badly.purab was about to continue but pragya barged in,she kept her hands on her hips she asked choco boy come soon today where are we going??he was surprised to see pragya ready.she went near purab n squealed milky boyyyyy welcommmee.abhi said first breakfast,he made her sit n feeder her.purab was happy seeing them.abhi gave pragya medicines,she started feeling dizzy.abhi caught her before she could fall.they rushed to hospital.

Precap:same but pragya will reveal truth.

Who’s that who want to separate abhigya???what happened to pragya???

Guys I’m very happy to see all your comments,I’m so happy I’ll sure give fast updates now.thanks friends .

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For ur heart warming comments .keep supporting n about today.

Share which scene u all liked in bahubali2 if u have watched it.waiting for ur replies. Lobe u all bubye…..

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