Important note at end pls read it,if not reading my ff friends.

Recap:pragya to behave as a child n abhis care towards her,piya to go out of house n dadi to feel for pragyas condition.

Pragya woke up by rubbing her eyes cutely.she saw abhi standing in front of her with brush n towel.she smiles seeing him n says good morning choco boy.abhi says good morning bacha ,common go get ready n come we are going to park. Pragya asked really like a very cute child. Abhi nodded yes.pragya went .

Here abhi was very curious to know about pragya past ,so he dialed up purab.purab took the phone n asked what happened jiju !??abhi explained everything to him n asked him not to worry.

He asked purab when pragya got her first fix n panic attack.purab hesitated but began to tell


Pragya was a 5 yr kid,she was wearing a blue dock with shimmering silvers n beautiful earrings n Cinderella heels,she was running towards a balloon shop,holding her papa hand.jeevitha was behind them,when she saw a car rushing towards them,without thinking in a blink she pushed them n the car hit her, she was lying in the pool of blood.vinay n pragya was shattered.pragya took her moms hand in her tiny little palms n kept it across her cheek n said mumma utto utto na pls pls,vinay said jeev see don’t play with me,get up like a good wife na or me n princess won’t talk with you.pragya said Maa pls utto I’ll be a good girl n cried, suddenly some goons surrounded them nn vinay saw it when theywere about to harm pragya, he lifted her pushed them n ran.

Vinay saw many goons n made pragya hide behind a Bush n gave her phone saying princess stay here papa will come,see don’t come out n call maamu if papa doesn’t come okk be brave princess,she cried papa don’t go they’ll beat said princess don’t cry now be brave baby okk,don’t come out n kissed her forehead.he said princess u must help all okk.

Vinay attacked them n fought with him,when one of goon dragged unconscious jeevitha n vinay seeing it beat him bad. Suddenly someone beat him on head using a rod,vision blurred for vinay jeevitha opened her eyes a little n saw vinay being beaten, tears of helplessness flows through her eyes .little Pragya came out of the bush in search of her mum and papa.vinay was being hold by goons n they beat him with rod. Jeevitha sis n her husband,were trying to kill them for property of their ancestors.her vision was blurring when she heard her angels voice, pragya was standing at a distance. She was scared. Her mausi called her,she was very sacred.vinay said princess run pls pls
.ishitha said angel promise on AMMA,run without seeing back go bachha.pragya started to run,while some goons followed her her leg tripped n she fell from cliff. Goons say this .vinay n jeevitha screams princess|Angel. Here pragya was clutching tightly to grass,while someone pulled her,it was a villager, he took her home n treated her scratches, pragya was unconscious, they saw mobile n rang up to last dialed no saying pragya is there,it was her mamu.he thanked villager for saving her n took her .while going pragya was shaking with fear,then came her first fix attack.little pragra eye balls goes up n white liquid come from her mouth.mamu admitted her in hospital. When he enquired some villagers said about vinay n jeevitha killed n thrown off cliff.

Ishitha said noo my child,when her sis stabbed her n vinay n ordered the goons to roll them off the cliff said goodbye my sis n jiju go to ur child n went.

Pragya was saved by doctors.they said to keep her stress free.mamu took her to our house,she was not able to move from this past but dreadful thing happened,which gave her continuous panic attacks.

Tears were flowing from abhis eyes knowing his bachu suffered this much, when he was about to ask purab. Purab said bhai,rest I’ll say at ur home tmrw n cutted the call.

Pragya was brushing her teeth making funny faces n she soon freshed up.she wore a yellow chudi(ishu helped her).abhi took her to park,she was playing in park like a happy kid. Abhi was looking at her n promised to keep her happy always.pragya pestered him for a Choco,abhi bought her,she spread it n ate,abhi wiped it with his Handkerchief n said baccha its time,let’s go.pragya said no catch me if u can n began running .abhi caught her,both were breathing heavily.pragya said cha dost u caught me easily n pecked his lips.abhi was shocked. Pragya said I saw in movie today morning dost ,so only n ran .abhi smiled caressing his lips where pragya pecked.he said I love you pragya,once you become normal I’ll say you.pragya said for how much time are u gonna stand like thisss come soon n ran.abhi smiled running behind her.

Precap:abhi to know about pragya,pragya to become normal.vinay n jeevitha to know about pragyas residence.


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