Somewhere in a place

Lady was revealed as ishitha.she asked vinay is it true?? Our angel our pragya is alive ,tears gushed out from her eyes.vinay cupped her face n wiped her tears saying jeevitha ,yes see no more tears my angel will hate if her mumma cries like this.vinay where’s she??jeevitha asked with curious eyes to see her baby pragya now how she is? How she’ll look like??vinay was looking his wife with a hopeless eyes….

Here at hospital
Abhi saw that”our hospital is not responsible if anything happens to Mrs.pragya abhishek”

One more clause was her organs will be donated if she died.abhis hand was stumbling,he holded the doctors collar n said him that my wife will not die,I know she’ll be alive for me.pls save her n kneeled in front of him bending his head saying ur my last hope pls.Dr said we will try our best Mr abhishek but its all up to her will power(bcos she had fix n panic attack after after so only if she decides to fight).

Believe in god.he said him to sign form,but abhi was hesitant ,all explained him n made him sign.when one of the nurse came rushing saying Dr Mrs abhishek has got one more panic attack ….Dr rushed in,he went inside n saw pragyas condition n gave her injection.she slept peacefully after so many days ,her past still haunts her.

Abhi went to doctor ,who was coming out n asked him what happened to my wife ,is she fine.abhis heart was expecting a warm answer.Dr said abhishek listen, I think ur wife has undergone many emotional turmoil ,do u know when she got last panic attack?abhi said no Dr.Dr said find out about it from her family. Abhi nodded.

Dr said one more news Mr abhishek,its she may slip into coma or she may die.abhi was shocked he went to god idol in hospital n kneeled before it n prayed to ganapathi bappa pleading to save his life.

The sky was darkening,rain drops started to patter on window panes,sound of rustling trees n bustles,pragya was able to hear one voice ,pleading her to get up.she tried opening her eyes ,her eyelids feeling drowsy.the voice said beti get up u have to survive ,a sudden light filled the whole cleared up.pragya woke up,but strong light of black colour fell on her head,she felt dizzy n fainted.

Abhi felt someone’s hand on his shoulder ,he turned n saw it was pragya,pragya said abhi I love u.abhi said pragya I too love you n hugged him tight.he was not ready to lose her,but she vanished,abhi cried .

Here pragyas heart was thumping loud.she opened her eyes,she was telling abhishek,abhishek…nurse immediately said this to Dr.Dr examined her n said abhi ur wife is fine,u can meet her,but one prob,it is that she’ll behave as a kid for some days,but she’ll soon recover with only love n care n prescribed some medicines n went.

Abhi entered the room n hugged pragya tight,pragya felt some kind of comfort,but slightly pushed him n asked wheres my abhishek??who r u??abhi said I’m ur abhishek.pragya like a kid asked pakka with cute eyes.abhi said pakka.tears made its way through abhis eyes. Pragya too cried seeing it abhi asked why r u crying.pragya said stop ur Niagara falls dost,see seeing u I’m also getting tears n wiped his tears.abhi laughed at her cute antics,soon he made her sleep n went out.

He explained pragyas condition to all.all were happy that she was alive but sad too,but they were ready to do this little thing for her.abhi said ishitha bhabhi I want to find the culprit,after that only I’ll come as I promised pragya


When pragya was lying on bed connected to many tubes,abhi promised her that he’ll make person who hurted her suffer n find the culprit.he promised holding her hand when her finger moves slightly.

Ishitha said abhi I’ll tk care of her u don’t worry.abhi went.he was thinking who could do this to pragya,he suspected piya as she’s only one who wants to separate them??????

Someone wearing ring of letter r in dark room said I want to separate u both,I’ll separate u both sure n laughed evilly.

Abhi went to piyas room n searched for some clue,when she went out.abhi got no of some photo studio.he suspected maybe this is photo studio where photos were morphed.

He copied no n kept in his pocket n went, all this was watched by the person with r ring by a camera,so u found out,other person asked mam what to do???she said just let him win n next will be drastic move n laughed (so that person is a lady)guess whom u very well know her.

Abhi went to studio n threatened men ,he said truth. Abhi beat him black n blue,he decided to take him home.

Pragya opens her eyes,n searches for abhi ishu came n said hi pragya,she asked who is pragya? Who r u?where is my abhishek? Ishu said so many questions wait I’m ur didi n ur my lil sis pragya n abhishek has gone home.

Pragya pestered them to take her home.they took her home.on the way pragya saw a panchumuttai stall n said to rv milky bhaiya I want panchumuttai with a puppy eyes.rv asked me?? Yes milky bhaiya pls pls.rv stopped car n bought her a pink cotton candy, she ate it happily spreading on her whole face.ishitha asked didi who’s that sitting next to milky bhaiya. Ishu said he’s arjun abhis bro, she said okk I’ll name him cadburry bhaiya okk.all smiled.pragya asked when will choco boy come,who’s choco boy,she said abhi.

Abhi brought him n put him under dadis feet.he accepted truth.dadi slapped him n said I’m sorry abhi,I didn’t trust my bahu n hurt her.abhi said no dadi u don’t be sorry, its all bcos of piya.dadi asked where is pragya ,I want to apologise her. Abhi explained all.dadi said hare bhagawan,its all my mistake n cried.

Abhi heard pragyas voice calling him choco boy come here,she pit both her hands on hip n asked why u left me??I’m angry with u!!n turned.abhi holded his ears cutely n said sorry see hereafter I’ll not do this.pragya said I’ll forgive you if u give me a choco… Abhi said done.pragya smiled like a 1000watts bulb.ishitha took pragya to room n made her sleep ,here abhi said all everything, abhi screamed piya
.piya came down, when abhi was about to strangle her neck,they saw pragya coming down, she asked what happened why r u beating her.abhi said pragya u Go to room.pragya said no n stood b4piya n said choco boy forgive her na pls for me.abhi said for my pragya I leave u pack ur bags n leave.pragya turned to her n said hey ms.chipku pls don’t do bad things okk.

Ishu asked who told u that she’s a bad girl.pragya said my dost was about to beat her na.she would done some thing bad,so only my dost was about to beat her.didi by speaking so much,I’m feeling hungry can we go n eat.

Screen shifts
Jeevitha said vinay where’s our pragya. Vinay said India???exactly where asked she.vinay said I have to find out I’ll soon.mamu said that he save pragya n brought up in his house,but now they don’t know where she lives. Mamu said only one thing beach house n someone killed him.jeevitha asked is it that Lady vinay.why she’s after our happiness why n cried.

Dadi was praying to god to make pragya safe n normal.

Precap:pragyas masti as a child n her memory returns, abhi to find out her half past life.

Who is that lady who wants to separate abhigya?? Does jeevitha already know her?? Of so who is she??

Guys do u like this new twist, there r more twist n turns sobkeep reading. Pls put ur comments guys,I’m heartliy sorry.I promise I’ll be regular .pls comment na.hope ull comment bye all.

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  1. Nice and superb twist and I am not getting irritated by pragya’s antics because I love her child behavior

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      Abhigya thanks happy to know u like it,thanks for ur support keep reading

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