Pragya ran to her room n locked it,her heart was filled with happiness,she took out a pillow n imagined it to be abhi n danced with it on the song
en idhayam idhuvarai thudithathillai ippo thudikirathe
,en manasu idhuvrai paranthathillai ippo paraparakirathe,
Idhu edanal edanal theriyavillai adanal pidikirathe
Ithu sugama valiya puriyavillai konjam sugamum konjam valiyum serunthu thurathukirathe…..plays

She remembers how abhi twirled her after contest,she wished she could remain in his embrace forever.

Here abhi was jumping on the steps to his n pragyas room.he wanted to ask her on a date,but decided to surprise her.

When he went room was locked,abhi was knocking it continuously, here pragya was dancing with pillow remembering her sweet moments with abhi. Suddenly loud bang brought her to reality,she put pillow on bed n set her hair n opened the door.

Both had a cute eyelock
Idhayathil etho onru plays …..

Their eyelock is broken by abhi saying pragya to get ready as they were going now. He went to change.

She was looking beautiful ,she was putting kohl to her almond eyes,when abhi came wearing black tuxedo looking stunning. His eyes were fixed to the mirror image of her eyes. She was wearing a Royal blue saree with golden flower designs.

Pragya locked his eyes with hers.none was ready to break,both wanted the other to stop,but not the world was so small in front of their love.Both wondered how agreement marriage of them turned to be a unconfessed but well-known love story.

She raised one of her eyebrows, while abhi said nothing n showed his watch indicating time n come soon.

He was stunned,for a moment he forgot he was one who hated love was now in love with a person madly.

(But he had a gf na,princess krisha said na that abhi had a gf now what

Princess: u only saw what I wanted u to see,so let’s see further)


Scene wraps to past when abhi met pragya at beach…..

He was sitting ,pragya came .time was 06:00…[email protected]@@@####@@@#@@@###@@@…..time: 6:30 abhi asked pragya whether she would marry him for saving his dadi.

But what happened between in that 30 mins to know that stay tuned.)advertisement ends ,welcome back to my angel in dark guys

Now pragya was descending stairs,when someone dragged her n slapped her…..she lifted her face with hands on her red cheeks n shocked to see someone… Guess whom???

Here outside abhi was waiting impatiently it was 20 mins ,since he’s waiting near car.why pragya has not come??? He decided to wait for some more time.he was looking at the watch n door, he opened car n bent in to take water bottle,at that time he heard sound of anklets…..he said pragya.

Here pragya said dadi,yes dadi was the one who slapped her..dadi said don’t call me dadi with ur filthy mouth,she called all family members n dragged pragya by hand…pragya was too shocked to react.

Abhi said pragya n immediately lifted his head n got hurt,he saw his house maid going n said I’m going to be mad soon in love its all bcos of u pragya n hit his leg on car n said ouchhhhhhh.(he assumes pragya came by anklets sound guys).

He thought let me check out n went in n was shocked to see dadi badmouthing pragya. Abhi came forward,dadi holded his hand n said beta this girl has spoiled our name she’s a b*t*h.

Abhi said dadi no I believe in pragya, pls don’t speak like that, piya continued to speak along with dadi.abhi anger reached its peak,he shouted for gods sake,she’s my wife pls give little respect to her.dadi I said na I believe her that’s it,leave this matter here….

By abhis shout pragya was brought out of the trance…..she had flashes of someone saying ur a b*t*h n holding her hair… She shouted nooooooo n fainted. Abhi caught her n made her lie on the sofa.

Ishu sprinkled water on pragyas face n patted her cheek.pragya slowly woke up,when dadi came n caught her hair n asked,hey chori what have u done to my grandson that he takes ur side.abhi said dadi leave her pls n slightly pushed her hand.dadi was feeling more insulted,she said either this girl or I should be in this house abhi choose.

Abhi said dadi give me one more chance I’ll prove you that she’s pure,if not I’ll go along with her n closed his eyes,letting tears escape.. Dadi was bewildered, she asked abhi for this girl ur standing against ur dadi n sat on chair with a thud.she said okk I give u one chance n wiped her tears gooo.

Pragya was shocked ,she remembered how abhi supported her, she was now more determined n said first I came her for my mission but now I’ll save u for ur love.

Pragya went to dadi n asked dadi don’t u believe me???dadi turned her face.pragya was hurt,tears were streaming through her eyes. She said dadi.dadi threw some photos on pragyas face,pragya took it n saw she hugging a man, whom she didn’t know like this in each pic was another person n some letters saying pragya is b*t*h.she said dadi see me once its not me..pls dadi .dadi asked why to trap me in ur magic just like u did with abhi n went away pushing her.

Dadi was walking near steps, she stumbled a bit,but piya caught her.she asked dadi don’t believe in her acting.dadi said I feel she’s innocent, but these proofs piya was brainwashing her.all this was watched by an angry ishu,she was about to go n slap but someone caught her hand n dragged was none other than rv.

Ishu said see rv shes one who’s brainwashing dadi,we must teach her a lesson,I think she’s behind these,I’ll not spare her.rv said ishu control control see first we have to collect proofs against her n then we can punish her.ishu hugged him n said I can’t see pragya suffering.rv in mind don’t worry ishu my Angel is not that much weak.

Arjun shouted bhabhi ,ishu came running n saw pragyas body shaking,she asked arjun what happened how she got fix,abhi abhi where are u,she said rv pls bring those iron keys or any iron object. A white liquid started to come out from pragya mouth ,
Some flashes of someone dragging her hair n putting her in cold dark room n beating her flashed in front of her eyes….her eyes were becoming heavy,she could see ishu patting her cheek,rv brought keys n kept it in her hand,finally stopped.

They took her to the hospital,while arjun was searching abhi,abhi was at back of his house remembering his words n pragya conditions n hurt in dadis eyes ,when he said he’ll go out with pragya if he can’t prove her innocent..abhi closed his eyes,when he heard arjun shouting his name.arjun said abhi everything..abhi n arjun rushed to hospital…

Vali endral kadhalin from anegan plays(pls plug in while reading down.

Abhi was remembering his moments with pragya,their crazy silly fights,how once she painted his face with colours, their closeness.

Here pragya was again getting panic attack ,her subconscious mind reminded her moments with abhi,those harsh days in her life started to unfold……

Here abhi remembered once they went for a long drive,both abhigya were enjoying, they visited many places, while walking over bridge, pragya slipped n was about to fall,when she pulled abhi along with her,both were in water at night, both laughed n came to shore.pragya thanked abhi that her dream of going midnight long drive was fulfilled.abhi like a soldier said ur wish my command madam.pragya hit him on chest n pushed him again in pool n ran off…abhi said I’ll not leave you n ran behind her,both were running for a long time.pragya his behind a tree,while abhi came n enclosed her by locking his hands on both sides with tree.both were lost in each others eyes.. When pragya said abhi I want to tell u an important thing that is mission rs,abhi asked what mission rs,she said ranveer n ishitha di love mission.both agreed.

While going back in car, abhi saw pragya sleeping on his shoulders peacefully,he carried her n made her lie on bed.. End of fb..

Pragya was taken to hospital ,she was breathing heavily.she was taken to ot.,later they shifted to ICU,they asked where’s her husband???abhi came running saying I’m gave him a form n asked him to sign it.

Abhi sat down with a thud seeing those papers,he felt his life was going away,his world literally dawned, when he read those lines……..

Here dadi was feeling something wrong….

Somewhere in a place,

A lady said my child ,her heart ached,she prayed for safety of whom her heart says danger .someone kept hand on her shoulder saying jeevitha our pragya is alive…..

Precap:abhi to pray god for pragyas well being,abhi to find culprit n some knots to unveil.

Guys if it’s boring I’ll try to make it more interesting, hope u liked today’s epi n I posted this now so sorry, see guys I was kind of depressed so only.I love you all my telly family.hope u all will support me till the end.

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