Screen starts with pragya biting her nails nervously. Abhi who saw this said biting nail is a very bad habit, didn’t ur teachers teach u…pragya said stop ur bakwas,I’m tensed about tomorrow’s competition n ur making fun of it. Abhi said aww mera bacha,ull look stunning in whatever you are don’t worry. Pragya saw his eyes,his eyes were speaking something to her,she couldn’t understand it.pragya like a baby asked really.abhi said ha meri maa,now chalk let’s eat ur fav icecream.

Abhi had bought all flav 2 buckets ,so which pragya likes she can eat.pragya came n was astonished to see so many icecream in front of her n hugged abhi in excitement n kissed his cheeks ,she said thanks so much,n started eating it.abhi was still in shock. Butterflies started to somersault in his stomach,he felt his heart lumping n jumping like a mad.

His illusion was dancing like a mad in front of him. He was brought into world, by pragyas act .he grinned evilly saying pragya ki bache I’ll not leave you n started running behind her,guess what she did….

Till then scene shifts to ranveers room,

Ishitha was sitting in the bed, with her hands holding her head n tears continuously flowing from her eyes, she was remembering about rv n her love. She reminisced pragyas word,”ishitha di ,I want to speak to u,I consider u as my di n I can’t see my di spoiling her life,di just think n see u love rv bhaiya very much why r u moving away from him, tell me di rv bhaiya loves u a lot.I think ur ignorance may take him completely away from us di,pls think n was about to move.when Ishitha held her hand,hugged her hand n cried. She said pragya I’m forced,I’m forced,if I don’t they’ll kill rv n I can’t bear anything happening to him.pragya hugged her n consoled.she said don’t worry di.

Ishitha says pragya how she got black mail calls,messages n videos,once they made accident of rv n from that,she obeying them……..

Pragya mentally promised di surely I’ll bring culprit soon.Ishitha thinks rv I love you but I can’t express it n sleeps like that.

Here pragya had mixed flav of icecream in a little tub n poured it on abhi,addition to that she poured cold water on his face.abhi was shivering, he was chasing her finally caught her, they were so close.abhi said now punishment time n smirked.pragya was looking at him ,he holded her by waist,she was wearing a blue saree that quite revealed her waist n he smeared the icecream to her face by rubbing his cheeks against hers.both were losing their senses. Abhi hugged her,she encircled her hands around him,both were like that,when someone snapped a picture of it. Pragya came to senses n ran away blushing. Abhi has now confirmed that he loves Pragya n decides to propose her soon. Here pragya thinks she has to stay away from sbhi ,as her mission might harm him too..

Abhi ,arjun n ranveer were very happy ,they were enjoying their reunion.this was clicked by someone with a evil smirk..abhi n arjun pulled pranks on some guests like tieing their hairs n putting crushed paper on their heads. Ranveer was watching all these,he saw she childhood again.he went to see ishitha,she was sleeping with her head on bed ,he lifted her n made her lie on bed,she smiled.ranveer wished that everything was back to normal.

Someone attends a call,the speaker on other side says, seems like u forgot ur purpose n enjoying there.that person who attended call said ,no I’m on my mission only.the caller said ,why the hell r u romancing with him????do u love him???
Person said see I’m doing as per as your filthy plan ,don’t I dare into interfere in my life n cutted the call.

Moon slowly comes up that person face is revealed huhhhhhhh (surprise),person says I love him,why god I can’t stop loving him pls help me,I should not hurt anyone with or without my conscious..

Abhi was searching something in net,let’s look into it,he’s looking for dresses ,but for whom??only for his wife contest hai na.he ordered a dress for her it’ll come by morning.she was walking like a nervous pu**y.abhi was teaching her to do ramp walk.but she was engrossed in some other thoughts.abhi said pragya listen don’t dream about me concentrate here.pragya said okk wait who said I’m dreaming about you?? Abhi said when u have such a handsome husband ull dream about him only na.pragya said handsome n u monkey. Abhi asked then am I not handsome.pragya said little bit but or solo cute n laughed. Later both slept.

Next evening.

Piya was wearing a white gown with black roses, she was looking beautiful (not more than pragya).

Many did ramp walk.people cheered. Piya turn was over,all gave appluases n 50 silver stars for piya.she was pragyas turn.ishitha,ranveer n arjun were nervous they wanted pragya to win,but piya has got 50 stars.pragya came,before she could enter ,abhi wished her n told her to be calm ,spotlight fell on her pragya (she was wearing black gown n accessories like on her birthday party).when pragya came more applauses n many cheered her name.she became nervous n looked abhi, hr gestured her okk,he was lost in heavenly beauty of pragya .today she was looking stunning,

Fb when abhi saw pragya,he was astonished to see her ,she was looking like a heavenly goddess from heaven. He lost his heart completely to this girl

Ennavale adi ennavale en idhayathai thozhaithu vitten
Endha idam athu tholainthu thendru andha idathaiyum maranthuvitten
Unthan kal kolusil athu thozhaithathenru un kaladi thedi vanthen
Adi kathal endral perum avasthai endru unnai kandadhum purinthukondaen…plays…

Abhi was looking at her.. Pragya came out if stage after walk n hugged abhi n said thanks bcos of u I no we won.she went to ishitha n hugged her.ishitha said I know ull win choti n hugged her.arjun n ranveer high fived her.abhi twirled her in delight. Pragya n abhi were in a small eyelock.ranveer coughed n both broke their cute eyelock
All smiled. Pragya has got 50 silver stars n 10 golden stars,so the winner is Mrs.pragya abhishek ..

After functions, piya was feeling dejected,when she decided to create rift btw abhi n her,she looks pragya laughing.she said bye pragya my abhi will be mine n ull be out of his life fore ever,laugh till u can as ull be out of his life soon. She laughed. Ishitha went to piya n reminds about challenge. Pragya said didi when time comes I’ll tell n abhi called me out so di I’m going n went leaving a smiling Ishitha n fuming piya.

Precap:abhigya long drive n mission”rs”.

Guys more knots to unveil,so keep reading,stay happy love u all.its ur stupod crazy princess signing off see u all with a new dazzling epi.

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