Heres the story

It was a clear day the sun was shining down a girl was running saying mumma catch me if u can.A lady wearing pink saree wearing pearl studs was running behind her saying pragya stop else ull fall down the little girls leg tripped n she was about to fall when two strong arms caught her she said papa n started crying the man asked why my angel is crying pragya said im afraid papa.That man said angel while papa is there i wont let anything near u darlu smile now my baby n tickled her.the lady who saw this smiled at them.suddenly the man called jeevika come here what r u staring at a voicecame u only viren jiju then whomll she stare.pragya got down from her papa n went her n hugged n said naina mausi love u n missed u again someone said all love only for ur mausii huh she said chachu n ran towards him .he picked little pragya in his hands n saidangel u love ur mausii only naa

She said no chachu i love U more but if i said this to mausii shell feel bad na thats why . It startd to rain yash was running holding pragya .pragya said chachu lets enjoy na why ur running frm rain she said unnatural chachu.jeevika said dont butter ur yash chachu okk come here viren said let her enjoy unnatural jeevika.jeevika twisted her lips n said as is the father so is her daughter.viren pragya n yash with naina.jeevika wss standing all were dancing.Pragya sang a song all were amazed were lost in the little nightingales song.all were happy this song spread happiness everywhere it reached the whole world felt some kind of eternal peace now everyone heart was beaming even the heavens showered its white blossoms on her .all the living things in the earth were merry.laughter sound echoed everywhere.jeevika n viren saw their child yes their angel n felt happy.pragya ran to jeevika n said maa im hungry lets go n eat jeevika lifted her in hands n went inside she dried her sngel n dressed her in white top with angel inscribed on it with a black skirt.mesnwhile viren yash n naina also dried themselves n were in kitchen doing something as soon as jeevika brought pragya down everyone came to her n said angel you must eat the food prepared by me only she said okk ill eat maa ask them keep everything on table maa.

all were kept on table naina has made chocolate crisp n yash made cookies n viren made vanilla icecream.pragya took a bowl n put the vanilla icecream n choco crisp she broke cookies into pieces n put them all together n tasted it n said waahh superbb n feed her mom jeevika said i think u all can work in a bakery hey na bachu she said excatly maa.jeevika asked why u mixed all these angel she said maa all had made for me with love if i take anyones first itll hurt the other na n if we mix or add something then only well get new thing na maa all were amazed to see such understanding in a 5 yrs old baby.

Precap.pragya birth secret n some chilhod moments of her.abhis childhood days too.

Pls comment guys hope u all lke it .if so atleast comment nice guys


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