andal azhagar- love never dies (Intro)


Hi friends I have written ff on hindi serials…now I have an idea to write on a tamil serial as I’m from tamilnadu….pls comment on my ff (even the silent readers too) . and tell me that can I continue this ff…..
The most popular serial among youngsters in tamil is saravanan meenatchi .the next popular show is andal azhagar………I’m gonna write my ff based on andal azhagar …..
Now I just give the intro of characters…..
Andal- female lead ,a doctor
Azhagar- male lead, he studied law but he didn’t clear still…
Sakthi- male lead, who is interested in politics and andal’s brother
Revathy- female lead ,aspiring to become a collector and azhagar’s sister
Kathi- azhagar’s best friend
Poosari- sakthi’s best friend
Thenu- andal’s best friend
Andal’s dad is a collector and she has two brothers. 1 is sakthi and the other is karthikeyan. He is a tasildhar. He is married.
Azhagar has a brother and two sisters. His brother is arusamy . he is an MLA. His wife name is annam.
Both andal and azhagar’s family is a broken family .
Andal’s dad and azhagar’s mom are brother and sister. Andal’s dad is angry with his sister because she married her loved one which was opposed by him. From that day the both families are in rival with each other. They are living in Madurai…..
Andal has come from US after her studies and her dad’s dream is to start a hospital……
Revathy’s dad’s dream is to see revathy as a collector……………
Friends this is just an intro…please comment and tell me whether can I continue this ff

Precap: are heroine is shown who is waiting for bus……..a few goons try to attack them but she is saved by our hero………

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  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Theri baby……hi fi…even i’m frm tamil nadu………its nyc to see a ff on tamil soap’s also……nyc effort supriya……..introduce urself na…….r u the same supriya who writes the devils child in mmz tu site…if not i’m sry fpr mistaking ur identity……

    1. no baby I wrote love beyond ages

  2. Sorry I appreciate your effort but I don’t like that serial.

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Continue.. I am Also writing tamilff.. Rettai Vaal kuruvi

    1. superb I love d serial very much

  4. Radhika Arora

    Hi supriya..i m a silent reader…but commented to support as a tamilian…it was a good start…n my wishes to u…hope u do great

  5. Hii supriya I love this serial. Please write this fanfiction.

  6. tanq radhika

  7. hi supriya i am very happy that u r writing a ff for tamil serials i request u to continue pls don’t take the same track give us a perfect love story i like the intro plzz cotinue.

    1. dnt wry it will be a love saga

  8. oh yarr.. tamil ff also here.. its nizz see this

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