andal azhagar- love never dies (Episode-1_


Thank you friends for your tremendous support…..
I was not able to update because of my result and some entrances…now I’m free so I can update you the episodes…….
I have planned to update episodes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday……
U guys saw the intro and I hope u are little familiar of the characters…..

Scene 1
At Chennai international airport……
An announcement is made as the US flight has arrived..and a young girl is shown walking towards the exit gate and waiting for a taxi……she gets a call…..and shocked………….

Scene 2
At party house….
All the party members are waiting for the leader and he enters . all welcomes him and tells him that he has won the election and all celebrates and the leader is arusamy……..annam comes and gives him Prasad and congratulate him. His parents also congratulate him and his dad tells him that this is their 1st step to destroy the collector. His mom gets sad hearing this as the collector is her brother…

Scene 3
At azhagar’s house…..
A girl is shown packing her books and asks her sister to come fast. She is azhagar’s younger sister. Another girl is shown doing pooja and she comes as her sister was calling her. She is our second female lead revathy…..she is beautiful simple looking girl. She packs her sisters lunch and sends her to the college. Her parents, brother come home and tells the news to revathy and she gets glad…she also congratulated her brother. Then revathy’s dad tells her that if she becomes collector we can easily destroy that collector. Revathy says it is wrong.. but her dad insists.

Scene 4
At another house
Andal’s dad , the collector tells everyone that andal has reached Chennai and after getting her certificates she will come to Madurai soon. All gets happy and leave for their work….

Scene 5
At bus stop
Revathy is waiting for bus and it is a night time. Few goons come and make fun of her …..and they try to touch her. She shouts for help. Suddenly a sticke come from her behind and hits them. The person who threw the stick is sakthi, 2nd male lead. Revathy and sakthi has an eyelock and seeing him all the goons run away.then he tells her that he will drop her at home as bus wont come in this night. She resists first , then says ok. Both of them go together in his bike…suddenly in a speed breaker she puts her hand on his shoulder and they both have an eyelock and shyly smile……..
(love continues……)

Precap: everybody welcome andal……..azhagar gets to know about andal……sakthi and revathy romance…

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