And The Story Begins…(prologue)

Hi , guys i have written many ffs, now i am back wid another ff .this is a very small ff and this is my last ff before i delete my account so please comment , criticisms are most welcome .

Location 1: a train
A baby is seen continuously crying……
Some people notice the child but go away even though they feel bad for the child
A beautiful girl (played by divyanka tripathi)dressed fully in a white saree comes to the door of the train and is about to jump off the train when she sees the baby crying
She takes the baby in her hands and hugs the baby tightly and cries her heart out
She says will u be wid me forever ? or will u also leave me like my loved ones did ?
The baby holds her hands and smiles at her lovingly…..
The girl smiles and hugs her
She says u gave a reason for me to live
The baby smiles even more . the girl smiles and kisses the baby’s forehead
Tere dil ka mere dil se…..rishta purana hai…..plays in bg

Location 2: Australia
A lady enters and hugs a man (Sangram Singh), and says thank god i left the stupid thing in the train
The man says yes shagun darling , thank god u left her in train , i knew u would do that for me .
Shagun (anita hassanandani)smiles and says anything for u ashok .

Location 3 :
A man (karan patel)is seen getting tensed , he says mera bacha
i want my daughter ma , she is not even 1 month old
lady(Shahnaz Rizwan) : raman puttar don’t worry , she is not only ur daughter but shagun’s daughter too
raman : but ma she does not care about me and left me just for money , then how will she care for my daughter ?
lady : don’t worry , god will take care of our child

the girl is seen hugging the baby

how will they meet , why was ishitha so dejected that she wanted to die ?
will raman be able to find his baby someday ?
how will their lives get connected , stay tuned to know more

guys how was it ? please leave ur comment below , i will post the first epi soon .
thanks a lot for taking ur time and reading this prologue

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  1. Khushi1707

    That pic is of young Naira, right ?

    1. yes , i found it suitable for this ff , thats why i chose that

  2. Veronica

    Nice one yaar… So excited to read futher

    1. thanks a lot

  3. Superb dear update soon

    1. thank u ,will update soon

  4. Nice plzz start and continue

    1. thanks , sure

  5. Kumud

    Nice intro next one pls

    1. thanks a ton , will update next one soon

  6. Zaira

    Wowowow its very interesting ….loved prologue …plz cont. Soon

    1. thanks a ton for ur sweet comment , will update soon

  7. superb concept and story shagun is so disgusting she left her daughter in train ishita was about to do suicide but after seeing the baby she stopped raman is worried for his daughter waiting for ishra meeting

    1. thank u so much , ishra will meet soon

  8. Nice story Varsh….

    1. Raman will be shocked to see his baby with a stranger beautiful woman. Raman is about to scold her but Ishu defend herself and saying that she found this little one in the train. Raman get shocked and say what. Ishu tell Raman that peeple ignored her so I was about to do the sucide but hearing her crying. So I took her in my arm and talk to her. Raman tell Ishu that this is my daughter and Ishu get shocked then feel bad so gave baby to Raman and tell baby bye. Raman carry baby and get memerised on Ishu beauty then to leave for home and spend time with her but get confused to see baby crying. Raman and family tried to consoled baby but goes in vain. Raman think about the girl who save his baby then tell family that there is the woman that found her and gave her the love. Raman family get shocked when Raman tell who had baby and tell that Shagun left baby in the train but Ishu save baby and brought back. Raman family tell Raman that they want to meet Ishu to tell her thank you for saving baby life. Raman think about divorce Shagun and tell court that Shagun is unfit mother and leaving the baby in the train. Court give baby to Raman then Raman think about Ishu then decide to meet her and ask her to stay with him for baby so that ishra will get married for baby sake. Raman to fall in love with Ishu while he watch his daughter and Ishu play together and talking. Family get relieved that baby brought Ishu in Raman’s life. Shagun get shocked that Raman had remarried. Shagun ask Ashok to get married but Ashok tell Shagun to wait for time and will tell her when he is ready but he need to focus on business.

      1. wow , u have guessed the whole story , but its a lil different from this , ishra will not meet now at all

    2. thanq

  9. Jasminerahul

    why did ishita want to die?did her husband die? seeing the baby ishita decided to live for the was of shagun to leave her baby for ashok.poor raman is searching for his baby.hope he will find her.but hopefully he won’t mistake ishita as his baby’s kidnapper

    1. thanks a lot for the comment

  10. Jasminerahul

    shocking that this is your last ff before deleting the account. I know you are busy.but why do you want to delete the account? you can visit tu when you are free.right? please don’t discontinue your other ffs.atleast end them in 2-3 parts instead of discontinuing

    1. yes , i am completing my ishq forever now , i will post all the episodes soon , other ffs have just now started so i am sure i will not be able to complete it . sure , i will not delete my account as it will become difficult to comment on ffs and write os if i want to in future

      1. Jasminerahul

        please don’t discontinue. once in a while when you visit tu you please continue. or please hand over the ff to someone else. I really want to read your ishra rivanya ff. can you complete your kaira ff in a few parts?

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