and i became the world’s luckiest man– a shrenal SS — part 1

kunal’s POV:
it had only been two hours since shrenu has been in labor but I am still getting stressed. my dad is trying to comfort me but my duffer brothers are being no help at all.
can someone remind why did shrenu had to get her labor pains now at the middle of the night, when she is only 8 months pregnant and this had to be during her baby shower?
kunal’s POV ends.


four hours ago:

the entire house was decorated as a bride. why? you may ask. well that was because it was shrenu’s baby shower. when you entered the house, you could see fairy lights and blue and pink balloons.

since the house was all ready, everyone had two hours to rest.

shrenal’s room:

shrenu was looking in her cupboard, tossing everything out, getting annoyed and frustrated. she collapsed on the bed, crying as kunal entered.

kunal saw shrenu crying and rushed to her side, taking shrenu in his arms and said: what happened jaan?

shrenu: I am so fat kunal.

kunal: no you aren’t.

shrenu: I am. nothing fits me now. I am as big as a whale! when I am out, people asked me if I have swallowed a balloon.

kunal: shh! don’t cry. you aren’t fat.

shrenu: yes I am and you are to blame for!

kunal: well we have figured out who gets the blame, let me just remind you that it takes TWO people to create a baby, not one.

shrenu: oh hello! at least I didn’t go on and on all night.

kunal: oh hello! I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed that night.

shrenu: shut up! you are very mean.

kunal: oh so I am so mean?

shrenu: yes, so?

kunal: ok sorry jaan. close your eyes.

shrenu was confused nevertheless she closed her eyes. kunal came back holding a packet.

kunal: now open karo.

shrenu opens her eyes only to find kunal holding a packet which contained a dress.

shrenu: wow thank you kunal.

she stood up and hugged kunal tight who responded back.

kunal: anything for you jaan.

he makes her sit and says: do you need anything shrenu?

shrenu shooks her head. kunal noticed how swollen her feet were and said: I’ll give you a massage.

shrenu: why?

kunal: your feet are so swollen shrenu.

he started to massage her feet slowly making shrenu fall asleep.

1 hour and 45 minutes later:

shrenu woke up only to find herself on kunal’s hard chest and trapped in kunal’s arms.

kunal: and now my bacha is awake.

shrenu: bacha?

kunal: yes you are also a kid for me. a very cute and sweet one.

he kisses her forehead. sanjay and satya entered the room only to find shrenal still on their bed.

satya: you two, romance time has to end now.

sanjay: exactly, you guys only have 15 minutes till the baby shower.

shrenal: what?!?

satya: yes. so get ready.

shrenu: ok.

satya and sanjay go as shrenal get up. kunal goes to lock the door and then pulled shrenu onto his laps.

kunal: do you want me to help you change?

shrenu: no because then you become naughty.

kunal: oh really?

his hand finds her zip and pulls it down.

shrenu: shameless!

kunal brushed his beard against her soft cheek making her squirm and slowly left small kisses on her neck.

shrenu started to moan: kunal…

then she realized the time and said: kunal, stop your romance.

kunal pulls a pout and says: now.

shrenu laughs and pecks his pout and then she slowly gets off his laps and goes to the washroom to change.

kunal to himself: this wife of mine!

he smiles to himself and goes to change.

a few minutes later:


guests started to come with gifts for the soon to be parents — mostly for shrenu.

guest 1: sunil, when will kunal and shrenu come?

sunil: I don’t really know. oh sanjay, check on shrenu and kunal.

sanjay: no need.

sunil: why?

sanjay: look there.

he pointed to the stairs where shrenal came down with kunal’s arm around shrenu. shrenu was looking so cute in a simple off shoulder mermaid yellow dress:

whilst kunal was wearing a plain balck shirt and ripped jeans.

guest 2: wow both look so cute together.

guest 3: thank you sunil for not choosing that Bharati for kunal beta.

sunil: please don’t remind me of that girl.

guest 3: sorry.

sunil: no problem.

satya: don’t worry aunty. we all hate that girl.

sunil: can you and your duffer twin go and offer the guests something?

satya-sanjay: ok.

precap: pain begins

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