And he became my life ( Kundali Bhagya) PROLOGUE

Hello everyone …I m mystery with my another story…. 


I never thought that something like this will ever happen with me…. Today also …after 10 years of our marriage, I consider it a dream…. A dream that I saw and that came true…. One day he entered my life….. and now he became my life…..?

was searching some files when I saw Vaanya picking up my diary and asking me about it.


I take it from her and tell her that its nothing…. In order to divert her mind I ask her about her class test.


I got full marks… Ma’am gave me chocolate as an award. She replied


Very good! Now its time to sleep. I said


Where is papa? He didn’t came yet. She asked me about him


I m home…. And look what I brought for my princess. 


He came and not alone…… He is holding lots of shopping bags in his hand.


Ruhi jumps over him….daddy’s princess 


The bags were full of toys…. Story books… And games….


He went to take his shower. 


I went to the kitchen to bring food for us.


I was just taking out the bowls when he give be a back hug….


So its a little introduction of my new story….. Hope you all will like it.




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  1. Introduction seems interesting
    It is pretty great
    One question though is this a preetan or a rishta ff?
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u❤

    1. Mystery

      Thanks … Its a RishTa ff

  2. Wow another story from Malika di ! Can I call you Malika di?
    It was very sweet ??
    You are the only RishTa writer here but good to have at least one.Keep writing more stories
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling ?

    1. Mystery

      Thanks a lot……. Yah you can call me mallika?

  3. Jasminerahul

    nice to see another rishta ff from u.waiting 4 u to start it.plz update ur other rishta ff too

    1. Mystery

      I will post asap

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