And he became my life ( Kundali Bhagya) Part 4

Title:- Pretty Preeta?


Where is Vaanya? Asked Preeta

She is with Kareena bua. Rishabh replied

Then why you…..Oh now I get it….aap b na

Saying this Preeta start moving towards the door.

She try to open the lock but Rishabh hold her hands and pinned her to the door.

What are you doing …? I have to go Rishabh ji ,said Preeta

Shhhhh….Rishabh shushed her and start kissing her.

You are looking so Pretty…. My PRETTY PREETA

He leaned to kiss her

Preeta puttar….. Dadi called Preeta.

I can’t romance with my wife in this house…everyone wants Preeta every time….. Rishabh said irritatingly

Preeta laughs

Rishabh was upset…. Preeta hold his face and give him a kiss.

She turned to leave but stop in middle

She faced towards Rishabh

Preeta:- Suniye … I love my Rishu

She leaves leaving Rishabh with a big smile.

Karan enters

Bhai how m I looking? Karan asked

Bhai bhai….kaha khoya hai… Karan asked

Rishabh :- tu kab aaya…chal neeche chalte hai…

Aisa jayega? Karan asked

Aide mtlb? Rishabh asked

Ye… Saaf to kar…clean it bro said karan

What? Rishabh asked

Areee ye chummaa karan said

Rishabh realised what karan is saying he quickly remove the lipstick mark from his lips.

Bhai … Sahi hai karan start teasing Rishabh.

Teri biwi wapas aayegi tb mai b tujhe dekhlunga Karan ….said Rishabh

Chal chale….Said Karan

Arora family enters ….

Sameer, Rishabh and Karan takes Sarla’s blessings . Preeta hugs Sarla and srishti

Rishabh and Karan hugs Aditya

Aditya is Srishti’s twin brother who is kritika’s fiancée

Ruchika:- so finally Srishti bhabi is back, ab to khush ho bhai…?

Sameer:- Shut up ruuuu….

Raman:- Ruchi ….look he is blushing…

Rakhi:- Preeta , Srishti jao jaakr kritika ko le aao

Preeta:- Ji

Kritika get engaged to Aditya…..

Luthra Family

MAHESH LUTHRA:- Rishabh, Karan and Ruchika’s father.

RAKHI LUTHRA:-Rishabh, Karan and Ruchika’s mother

BAANI LUTHRA:- Grandmother of Rishabh, Karan,Ruchika, Sameer and Kritika

RISHABH LUTHRA:- Preeta’s husband, elder son of Luthra family and Vaanya’s father

PREETA RISHABH LUTHRA:-Rishabh’s wife,the elder DIL of Luthra family, Vaanya’s mother

VAANYA RISHABH LUTHRA:- Rishabh and Preeta’s daughter.

Kareena luthra :- Mother of kritika

KARAN LUTHRA:- Second son of Luthra family,elder to sameer,kritika and Ruchika, Sherlyn’s husband and Sunny’s father.

SHERLYN KARAN LUTHRA:- Karan’s wife and Sunny’s mother.

SUNNY KARAN LUTHRA:- Karan and Sherlyn’s son and Vaanya’s cousin

SAMEER LUTHRA:- Rishabh’s cousin, Srishti’s husband .

SRISHTI ARORA LUTHRA:- Preeta’s best friend and Sameer’s wife.

KRITIKA LUTHRA:- Cousin of Sameer ,rishabh,ruchika,karan.

RUCHIKA SEHGAL:-Sister of Karan n Rishabh and wife of Raman

RAMAN SEHGAL:- Ruchika’s husband and Rishabh’s best friend.

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  1. Superb
    Poor rishab???
    Karan teasing Rishab?
    Sammy being teased???
    Excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Stay blessed??

    1. Mystery

      Thanks a ton

  2. Jasminerahul

    Rishta scene was so romantic.unfortunately the romance got interrupted.Rishab being teased by karan n his reaction was funny.shocking that Sherylin is Karan’s wife.Which actress plays Ruchika?

    1. Mystery

      Mrinal k Singh…. The same who is playing in the serial
      Raman is played by the actor who is prithvi in the serial

      1. Jasminerahul

        actually i’ve seen only a few episodes of i duno who ruchika is.What is her character in the real show?how is she related to Luthras in the real show?

  3. Mystery

    Ruchika is Rishabh and Karan’s sister in the show.

  4. Mystery

    Ruchika is Rishabh and Karan’s sister in the show. @Jasminerahul

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