Anand ricky colony part 1

Hi my dear frnds this is akshaya kannan hope you all remember me and yes i am back I missed u all.Saranya sweetie rocking ma,adhu where are u ??,surubhi my love how are you and fanfictions are fabulous Monesha kutty your os are awesome, Maya’s fictions are one my favorites and New popping writers here solace,ashini Patel,nithyashree,sowmi,rithi congrats and many more sorry if not mentioned

the dream was still haunting me but today its really a important day for me i dont know whether he was serious are making a prank on me as he often does it suddenly my phone beeped and I guessed it must be abhi and I was right I attend the call

“Are u ready”

“What u mean by ready are you seriously going to marry me”

“Fuggy I am serious come soon we are waiting for you in the register office ”

“Lekin mom…”

“Aunty ji Is with me only you come soon” I came out of my room and searched mom and she was no where.

“Abhi give the phone to mom”

“You can meet her if you come soon so please come fast” he ended the call. It is seriously like a dream I don’t know what is happening.l saw a box in the hall and ran and opened it like a small kid opening her Christmas gift and I saw a red Saree with few accessories and chooda (bangles for shagun) and a letter in it.

“I can’t wait anymore my love I want you to mine so come soon” these words were written in it after reading it I cluchted it to my chest and blushed a little.

I had tears in my eyes when abhi brought the mangalsutra near to my neck and I closed my eyes he tied it round my neck and took the kumkum and placed it in my maang.later my mom,Bulbul and purab congratulated us.we went to our house and we spent our day whole day enjoying there as it turned night abhi promised Mom that he will take care of me very well and as every girl I too had a tearful farewell

matured content

We entered our new house this was the first time i am seeing it.the house was very compact and beautiful it had a hall,kichen and 2 bedrooms with balcony attached and 1 guest room.we entered our bedroom.

“So” abhi pinned me to the wall and I know what he is up to do

“So what…I want to sleep” I said and started to but his firm hands stopped me.

“You don’t have any romantic sense fuggy” he said and nuzzled my neck while I closed my eyes and held is jacket in my fist.

He kissed my crook of neck and I just remained the same completely surrender to him.I felt his lips trailing ways to scoop inside my lips and I opened my eyes when I felt him carrying me.

abhi placed me in the bed and came top of me, he nuzzled my neck and held my exposed part of waist and I moaned it pleasure “ab…abhi”.

He removed his jacket and removed my Pallu he scooped down to stomach and kissed my naval and kissed my waist I lost completely myself and held his hair in my hand.

We got in the blanket and consummated.

“I love u ” he said

“I love u too” I kissed his cheek

Soon we drifted to sleep

I again woke up with the same dream which was haunting me i saw abhi sleeping peacefully hugging me i kissed his forehead and slept placing my head it his chest


  1. di

    Hi, h r u? Remember u always but u 1ly forgot it.. U already update it n pls update u ff soon miss it badly dear…. Love u with lot of kiss 4 u….

  2. prabhi

    please be the first comment
    i just love your ff missed u read your every single ff on IF too well still waiting for the one i requested but nice well words are less to describe such a piece of work

  3. priyanka

    Welcome back Akshaya dear…how r u dear??..
    Epi was Superb dear😊😊…
    I missed u & ur ff soo much dear..
    Pls update ur other ff’s too dear…

  4. Saranya24


    |Registered Member

    Loved it a lot darlu missing u to death pls gve atleadt an epi or os once a week missing u love u loads muuaahh😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Monesha


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    OMG…. OMG….. OMG…… OMG….. you are BACKKKKKK….. My sissy is BACKKKKKK….. 😍😍😍😍😍 Missed you sooooooooo……. Much. Now i am really very happy to see my sissy again. Pls don’t disappear again then we all will again miss you 😒😒😒😒😒. This is my kindly request. And about episode AWESOMEEEEEEE……. i really loved it to the COREEEEEEEEEEEEE…… MILLIONNNNNNNN……… BILLIONNNNNNNNN……. 😍😍😍😍 Eagerly WRITINGGGGGGG….. For next episode. And name was really very different. I am dying here to read next episode pls upload it soon. Thank you sooooooooooooooo…… Much for reading my OS it is a lottttttt to me. Really thank you so much my dear Sissy 😊😊😊😊. After a long time i am seeing you so very BIGGGGGGGGG…… Bone crushing HUGGGGGGGGS to you. Love you πŸ’— love you πŸ’— love you πŸ’— love you πŸ’— love you πŸ’— love you πŸ’— sooooooooo…….. Much. Loads of kisses to you😘😘😘😘😘😘

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