Anamika 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 9th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Panditji performing aarti with both Anamika and Chavvi attending the aarti and Rano quietly goes and sits on the temple stairs and tries talking to all passers by. The puja gets over and Anamika is distributing alms to the poor people on the stairs. Chavvi also comes out and sees an old woman telling another woman that her son has been attacked by some ghost. Chavvi scolds her and asks the woman to go to a doctor instead. She then rushes off as she was getting late for an interview.

Pratap is furious at Pushpa for being mean to Ritu and says he dosn’t want to talk to her (hmm… kuch to definitely gadbad hai) Bebe tries to reason with him, but Pratap asks for time.

Chavvi is walking on the road talking while Rano is perplexed who will help her. She sees a truck is about to crush Chavvi . She calls out to her to move away and she hears the voice, but when she looks around, she cannot see her, Chavvi is confused when Rano informs her that she is dead and is a spirit. Chavvi refuses to believe. But Rano tries to convince her and when Chavvi realizes that she is talking to a ghost, she faints. Few passers by sprinkle water on her, but she starts shouting at Rano to leave her alone and people think she is shouting at them and leave.

Some Mr. Sharma brings new model profiles for Jeet and puts them on the projector. Jeet rejects them all and asks for a completely fresh face. Mr. Sharma says that he has another one from some other city, but he has heard lots of negative things about her and her attitude. Jeet asks him to show her – and its Anamika. Jeet says that’s it. She will be the model for his product ( dil jumping jumpang jumpang jumpang). Mr. Sharma tries to tell him that she is very arrogant and does not work for strangers, and has lots of attitude, but Jeet is firm that he wants only her (hayee… )

Precap: chavvi collides with Jeet and he scolds her for not looking where she is walking.

Update Credit to: dishu

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