Anamika 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 9th July 2013 Written Update

Chhavi tells Anamika that her car broke down nearby, Anamika asks what she was doing outside at this time of night. She says she was looking for Jeet and asks if she has any idea where he could be. Chhavi asks if she can use her phone and Anamika is taking her to hall where Jeet has also come. But Patalika does something which hides Jeet somehow.

After some time Chhavi leaves from there and Anamika finds Jeet asleep on bed. Patalika scolds her and tells her that she hid Jeet’s car behind the trees. Patalika then tells her that Anamika needs to suck Jeet’s blood before the break of dawn. She leaves and Anamika is about to suck Jeet;s blood, but just then Chhavi calls her and Anamika wonders why she hasn’t left as yet. She notices blood near Anamika’s lips and Anamika says that she accidentally bit her tongue. Chhavi asks if she can borrow Anamika’s car and Anamika gives the keys to her. Chhavi is about to leave but just then Jeet gains consciousness and calls out Anamika. Chhavi asks whose voice was it and Anamika says that it’s her boyfriend who has realized his mistake and has returned back to her and that he should get a chance to amend his mistake. Chhavi says that he is doing wrong to his wife, but Anamika says that his wife is just name sake and from heart, she has been his first wife always and so she is happy. Chhavi finally leaves and Anamika goes back to Jeet.

Chhavi is worried for Jeet. When she returns home she finds Jeet’s car parked. She goes to her room and finds Jeet asleep and asks him where he was whole night. Jeet remembers Anamika telling her that Chhavi had come to her looking for him and that’s why Jeet had left just at that moment and reached home through a short-cut. Jeet comes to present and says he was here whole night and can’t understand what she is asking. Chhavi says he is lying. But Jeet says no. Chhavi says that she will call the watchman and confirm it with him. She goes to call the watchman but Patalika overhears it. Chhavi goes to the servant quarter to find the watchman and just then her scream is heard calling out for Jeet.

Precap: Bebe calling Chhavi for breakfast

Update Credit to: dishu

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