Anamika 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 9th January 2013 Written Update

Scene1 Jeet is coming out of his room in the morning and out of nowhere, Jasleen appears and asks Jeet abt his decision regarding marriage… Jeet says he still has not thought.
Going downstairs he meets Pratap and tells him too that he is still thinking…
The doorbell rings and Jeet goes to open the door. …The four ladis are standing there- Rano,bebe, Jeet’s mom and Rano’s mom. Jeet feels embarassed and gives them some funny answers and goes to zim…He is (confused) …

Inside the house jokes are going on and bebe is teasing Rano.S

Scene 2 Jeet is driving in his car and suddenly his phone rings . bebe is on the line and calling him home and Jeet says he is coming soon.
Suddenly Jeet sees Anamika’s car and stops. He goes near and Anamika is not in the car… Jeet becomes worried and goes inside Jungle and reaches near the lake…There he finds Anamika lying ill on the same bench where once they both had sat… He picks up Anamika in his arms and she asks him to take her home…
Anamika is looking lovingly at him.

Jeet carries Anamika straight to the bedroom and puts her on the bed..
Then he gets her a glass of water . Anamika is unable to carry it due to weakness then Jeet says “dono hathon se pakad lijiye.” Anamika keeps hiding her right hand inside sari.
Then Anamika asks Jeet to open the windows as she is feeling suffocated. Jeet goes to open the windows when suddenly the glass drops from her hand. Jeet asks Anamika to keep lying as she is ill. He starts picking pieces. …Anamika is staring at him and says
” Jab aap hamare paas hote hai toh humara dard kuch kam ho jaata hai”

Precap- Jeets finger is cut and blood is dripping and Anamika is looking hugryily at blood.

Update Credit to: elasingh

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