Anamika 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 8th January 2013 Written Update

The baap beta talks continue Pratap is shocked into silence when Jeet says he will eventually take up job in the the Railways. Jeet is also confident that once he clears national level he will surely reach international levels.

Jeet & Rano are discussing the weird behaviour of their respective parents. Ritu overhears them. Jeet suggests that they should call Shekhar. Bebe tells Ritu that she has instructed Shekhar on what he should tell them. Likewise Shekhar doesnt reveal anything. Jeet says lets behave as the rest are behaving… indifferently!

Bebe asks Pratap from whose side will he be…when he talks to Jeet about the marriage will he talk as Jeets or Ranos father? Pratap says Rano is more important to me than Jeet…hence I will go and talk as Ranos father. Jeet comes home & seeing Pratap gets nervous. He starts mumbling that he didnt tell Rano anything…as he himself doesnt know anything. Bebe asks him to be quite & listen to Pratap…and whatever Pratap asks of him…he should say yes…under no circumstances should he say NO. Pratap tells him that they are planning to get him & Rano married. He asks Jeet to think it out & give a reply. Jeet is left speechless.

He goes to his room & calls Rano. But then he doesnt know what to say & disconnects the call. Bebe comes to Jeets room. Jeet asks her what is wrong with Pratap? Bebe confirms that whatever Pratap has confirmed this with Rano before talking to Jeet. Jeet gets still more shocked. Jeet thinks Rano has lied to him…on one hand she was asking him to find out what was wrong with their family members but on the other hand she already knew. Bebe asks him to sleep over it and tell them his decision tomorrow. Rano calls Jeet & he gets angry at her. He calls her a liar…but Rano says she doesnt know what he is talking about. He disconnects the call & tries to sleep.

The next morning Bebe calls Ritu & asks her to get Rano. Rano is surprised to see her mother going for a jog. She asks Rano to come along. In the garden they meet Bebe & Jeets mother. Bebe tell Rano that since Shekhar is going to England they dont want her to go so far away. So they have found another guy for her. And finally Rano accepts in front of everyone that she loves Jeet. Jeets mother says Pratap has talked with Jeet. Rano is shocked as well as happy to hear this!

Precap: Jeet is carrying Anamika in his arms. They are on a road & her right hand is still looking the same…wrinkled & burnt though Jeet hasnt seen it yet

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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