Anamika 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 8th February 2013 Written Update

Rano with Jeet in the park where he is doing workout. Rano busy thinking about going to the mental hospital when Jeet asks why is she not concentrating on his work.Rano gets call from the peon who asks her to come at sharp 11am… she tells Jeet to come with her to sangror… jeet says its 2hrs from here and we should be at home for pooja. Rano says we will be back soon…Jeet says she is looking tense and worried…rano says she is fine and convinces him to come with her.

Biji searching for Jeet at home while Bebe tells her that he is in gym. Biji gets upset and stares at Bebe when Pratap comes and asks why they are fighting. Bebe says biji was worried as to whether Jeet will come home on time for the puja.

Jeet and Rano reach the mental hospital when Jeet gets irritated and says he

doesnt believe her crap.ano says he forgot about the guitar, Delhi trip. Jeet asks if she thinks he is going insane and they came here for his treatment. Rano says we have come here to meet Nayantara and find whats the relation between Jeet and Anand. Jeet gets upset when Rano tries to convince him saying she cares a lot for him and there is a black mark on his body which means someone is controlling him & she shows him the black spot. Jeet is thoughful and then says its all nonsense. Rano says 35 yrs back a man went missing and she wants to find out how it happened and cant loose him. Jeet refuses to believe when Rano pleads him to come and meet Nayantara once. Just then Jeet’s dad calls and asks him to come home soon for puja. Jeet leaves Rano behind and heads home.

The peon takes Rano to Nayantara.Rano tries to speak with her when a shadow creeps behind her which happens to be Jeet. Rano is releaved and puts anand’s songs on the mobile. Jeet gets uneasy hearing this. Rano continues to make nayantara speak while Jeet covers his ears and feels tortured.Jeet finally yells her to stop the music.

Rano is shocked to see his reaction and turns off the mobile, Nayantara finally looks at them and moves her hand… she slowly wakes up but then collapses on the floor. The peon scolds them. Rano turns to find Jeet is missing. She searches for him and wonders what all is happeneing after hearing this music.Jeet is nowhere even outside and Rano is worried.

Back home all are calling Rano & Jeet but no one replies and they get worried.Rano’s mom says Rano had gone to sangror.

Rano’s mom says Rano had gone to sangror. Pratap asks what is she doing there when Rano’s mom says she refused to tell the reason and today Guddi too behaved weird and she is getting scared if this is related to Rano.

Jeet reaches Anamika’s house which is fully decorated with red lamps and floor is full of rose petals. Jeet walks on them looking around for Anamika when someone comes from behind, Jeet turns to find an old village women and is shocked seeing her.

Precap : Jeet and anamika are surrounded by many people and they are starting the rituals while Jeet and anamiks beem. Rano is coming in her car.

Update Credit to: arti

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  1. i love this drama jeet and rano especially anmamika please keep up the good work because we want this drama o keep going on.

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