Anamika 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 7th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Anamika dragging the guitar with here and remembering Jeet’s words and questioning her as to why she comes out of this house and he needs answers to his questions.

We are shown Anamika standing in the hall.Her right hand is completely burnt while left hand is normal.She wipes her tears on her right eyes from her burnt hand She then drags the giitar upstairs to a room from which smoke comes out and gradually the door opens…its completely covered with smoke and a teary eyed Anamika enters the room and keeps the guitar on a stool and touches it with her burnt hand and tears trickle down her cheeks and says she is sorry and wipes her tears and the door closes itself.

At Jeet’s home Rano’s mother says if they all agree then she is ready to give her daughter to them.Pratap agrees and accepts the proposal and Jeet’s mom & Bebe are elated while Jasleen overhears.Jeet’s mom says we will wholeheartedly accept Rano for Jeet.Jasleen says she is happy to have Rano as her Sister in law.

Pratap wonders how to inform Shekhar’s family when Bebe says we will go and explain them.Pratap asks who will speak to jeet about his wedding when bebe asks him to break this news to Jeet while Pratap is sceptical. Bebe tells Rano’s mom to keep this as a surprise to Rano.

Bebe,Pratap and Jeet’s mom come to Shekhar’s house to cancel the wedding. Shekhar and his parents appreciate them for informing beforehand while Shekhar said he knew there was something between Rano & Jeet as they understand each other so well and are made for each other.Bebe praises shekhar was being so understanding and assures him to find a good match for him using facebook.

Rano is looking at her childhood drawings which she had done with jeet when her mother comes and tells her that she had food at Jeet’s place.Rano asks if she is happy…her mom says she is very happy as Rano’s wedding is fixed but asks why is she sounding low…rano says she is fine but she will miss them all her mom,bebe,uncleji,auntyji when her mom asks about jeet when rano keeps quite…her mom says it happens initially but once you get adjusted to your husband’s house you will get new relations.

Jeet comes home and finds that the house is not yet decorated for Rano’s rokha.He comes home and finds bebe and his mom busy…he asks bebe why the rokha preparations are not on.Bebe asks him to ask his father.He then asks his mom and she too refuses to reply while Jasleen finds it difficult to keep the secret from him.Jeet finds their behaviour weird.Bebe tells him that Pratap wants to speak to him…Jeet gets nervous and refuses to meet while bebe says he has no option.Jeet agrees to meet.

Jeet comes to Pratap’s room and both find it weird and difficult to speak to each other while bebe and others overhear.Pratap starts to speak other things like Jeet’s boxing preparation…Jeet gets nervous. Pratap starts to speak about Shekhar when Jeet gets scared and apologises to him for inviting shekhar to party.Pratap asks what party while Jeet says snothing and asks if he can go.Pratap asks him to leave but stops him and says he wants to talk something else. Pratap starts to speak in riddles and fails to speak about Jeet and Rano’s wedding. Pratap asks him if he has any intention to earn.Jeet looks at him in shock.

Precap – Bebe asks Pratap if he will speak to Jeet as his father or as Rano’s father. Pratap says he loves Rano more than Jeet and for her happiness he has agreed for this wedding.

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