Anamika 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 7th February 2013 Written Update

Rano tries to break into the asylum in order to find & meet nayantara. the wall of one cell has “anand” written all over it. from this rano concludes she is nayantara. she tries asking her about anand kumar. she pleads a lot in front of her but nayantara doesnt react in any way. hearing the commotion a ward boy comes there & takes her away. she gives him some money & arranges to meet with nayantara the next morning.

rano tries to quietly go to her room but her mom stops her. when she questions her she says that plz trust me, i wont do anything wrong. i will tell u everything soon…but not now. she says whatever she is doing is to help jeet.

jeet goes to meet anamika at her home. she holds out a black thread in front of him and tells him this is the thread of our

relationship & once this is tied no one can separate us. he asks what will he have to do for this? she says whatever questions i ask you next you have to answer with a simple yes. she begins with her question:

your body is only for me…yes
you will dream only of me, think only about me…yes
u will walk only on the path i show you…yes
your each wish will be to be with me…yes
your happiness will be with me not your family
your only source of peace & happiness will b anamika…yes

some strange howlings start in the background once this is done. she says now your fate lies in my hands. when she closes the thread in her hands jeet closes his eyes. she tells him from this moment onward you are mine

rano calls jeet…in his sleep he picks up the call n tells her i will pick you up at 7 and cuts the call. she says to herself she wont be able to go as she has to meet nayantara & she has to know more about anand kumar.

rano downloads a few songs of anand kumar as she feels nayantara might react on hearing his music.

nani asks jasleen to call jeet. bebe says i will tell him. after nani leaves jasleen tells her but jeet has already left for his jogging. bebe says she knows but she didnt want nani to create a big drama out of this & hence she lied.

when ranos mother finds her sleeping on a chair she tries to ask her again what is wrong? but rano repeats that she will tell her when the time is right. jeet comes at ranos place & is playing with guddi. he becomes a horse for her. he has removed his shirt and hence she sees the black spot on his shoulder. her eyes widen in fright.

jeet asks rano if they can leave? rano says maybe we shouldnt go today. her mother agrees as there is a pooja at jeets place at 1 pm. and later in the day chandragrahan will begin. but jeet promises to be back by then & they leave. guddi raises her hand when she sees them leave as if wanting to stop them but cannot speak a word. her mother gets worried on seeing her so frightened.

Precap: Rano is in nayantaras cell & is trying to talk to her. a shadow falls on them. she turns behind and is surprised.

Update Credit to: iolahardy

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