Anamika 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 6th May 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with the same scene where an iron chain has rolled itself on Rano’s legs, blocking her momvement, and Rano catches the lemon thrown by Shalaka and frees herself. Meanwhile Jeet is walking in a trance on Anamika’s instructions. Rano manages to find a skeleton and starts tying the holy thread round its wrist. Anamika’s trance is broken and Jeet gets confused what he is doing in the forest. He rushes back to find Rano and Anamika screams in anger. While Rano takes out the knife given by Shalaka but before she could destroy the skeleton, Anamika’s evil forces start strangling her with weeds.

Shalaka is worried Rano has not returned yet, while Rano has dropped the knife. Shalaka asks Rano to come out, she tries to take the knife but the weeds keep on strangling her. Shalaka throws the mirchis in the water, and the weeds losen their hold. Rano grabs the knife, and stabs in the heart of the skeleton and Anamika falls on the floor in her house, while the weeds go on strangling Rano. The skeleton and Anamika both disappear, and Rano too loses her consciousness.
Jeet reaches the lake and finds Rano lying unconscious in Shalaka’s lap. Jeet tries to wake her up, but Shalaka tells him that she is dead and that had she not done it, Anamika would have taken Jeet to her world. Jeet accuses Shalaka of killing Rano and that he won’t spare her.

Someone informs Pratap about Rano’s death and he falls down in shock. The entire family goes in shock. Jeet gets Shalaka arrested while she tries to explain to him that Rano died saving him from that evil spirit. The Police start taking Rano’s body for postmortem and Jeet goes hysterical.

Rest of the episode has Rano’s last rituals and family mourning.

Recap: Rano trying to talk to Jeet, but noone can see her. (Will we now have Rano becoming the buri Aatma, like we always wanted )

Update Credit to: dishu

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