Anamika 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 6th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with rano infront of anand’s home.she prays to matarani to her the right way and gets in through a window.the house is dark n dirty. She searches for something bt can’t get it n says thats its useless to find anything here. Bt someone approaches her from back she gets frightened to see a man.the man was very ugly looking n weird.he tells her that only silence resides in this house.he semed 2 b mentally sick .rano decides 2 leave when she steps on anand’s photographs. It was his engagment clips but the girl’s face was hazy.rano finds it weird.she sees the mad man n ask him abt the photographs. He runs away calling rano mad. She takes a clip of the photos from her mobile n leave. At rano’s home her mom is calling her up bt cant get to her.just then her friends come n she gets to know that rano lied to her.rano in ajewellery shop is asking abt the ring that is in the photo as nd gets to know its a very different design which is not made any longer the jeweller gives her an address who use to make this type of ring.she gets a cl frm her mom whos very angry for her lie and ask her to come back soon as theres a puja. Jeet’s friend inform rano that jeet is nowhere to b found. Rano reaches up to the jewellers house. At home bebe n beji r having their usual fight

Jatin arrives n tells bebe that jeet is missing. Beeji n other gets panic. Right then jeet comes back. Rano shows the pic to jeweller who tells her that this ring was for first n last time for ansnd’s fiance naintara who got in depression after he got missing. And then was sent to mental asylum.rano goes to the asylum but doesnt get permission to meet her. Jatin informs rano that jeet has returned. At night jeet hear someone crying outside the window n then hear aamika calling him up. The episode ends with anamika calling her evil friends

Update Credit to: Anonymous

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