Anamika 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 5th July 2013 Written Update

Its raining cats and dogs on addition to the lights going off in the house. Chaavi, who is engrossed in work springs from the seat to find match sticks. While getting those, she finds Patalika standing there and gets frightened. At the same moment, she gets up with a sigh saying it was just a dream.

Jeet is sleeping in Anamika’s room. Jeet wakes up in the morning and calls for Anamika. Jeet finds Anamika watering the plants and walks outside to meet her. In the meanwhile, Jeet receives a call from Chavi asking about his whereabouts. Jeet rushes to the hospital where Chavi has come to deliver the tiffin to him. Jeet is caught by the police in a drink and drive case. They take him to the same hospital wherein Chavi is waiting. Jeet encounters with Chavi, where Chavi tries to make understand the polide about Jeet.

Jeet and Chavi return home. Anamika is already there, gossiping with Bebe. Anamika decides to leave. Anamika tells that Jeet was with her during the whole night. Chavi apologises to Jeet for misunderstanding him. A tension free Chavi thanks Anamika while Anamika treats her as her close friend. Anamika tells Jeet that she’ll wait for him even for that night. Anamika leaves.
Cahvi wakes up in the middle of the night to find the glass lying down. She hears a creaking while she is in the kitchen to drink water. Chavi follows the noise, but to no avail.

Precap : Chavi watches Jeet scurrying from the house and follows him, but the doors and the windows get locked. A grinning Patalika is watching all the fun. :

Update Credit to: CouchPotatoes

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