Anamika 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 5th February 2013 Written Update

Anamika looks lovingly at the sherwani and tells anand kumar(or his shadow) that he was looking so good & now jeet will wear this sherwani & marry me and give our relation a name.

Rano thinks she should somehow find about anand kumar and save Jeet. Rano browses on internet thinking that anand should be a music director or singer. She finds some anand who was a m.usician in 1960′s who is absconding from 30 years.

Bebe wakes up and asks Rano to sleep as its midnight. Seeing Anand kumar on internet bebe says he was a great musician when she was in her college times.

Rano says she was curious to know about him when Bebe says he went missing 30 yrs ago and no one knows about his whereabouts. Rano asks if he has any relatives, Bebe says he was from Punjab in a place Sanrot

some 2 hrs from here. Rano decides to go there and find out.

Rano calls Jeet and he asks why she is calling him at midnight. Rano says tomorrow she has some urgent work so she cant come for his practice & makes beauty parlor excuse.

Next day wedding card comes and bebe,jasleen & all are excited to see it and show to Jeet who takes it to show his friends.

Biji comes and asks for the card to take it for puja when pushpa says Jeet took it with him. Biji scolds her that 1st card should be given to god but she has forgotton all customs. Bebe says this is not a big issue & god will not feel bad when Biji says she cant understand & leaves.

Rano is on the way to Sanrot when she calls Jeet who has forgotten his cell in the car. Jeet feels bored to workout without Rano when his friends convince him.

Jeet comes to his car and about to check his cell when he hears someone crying but no one is around. He starts his car and leaves off. Rano calls Jeet’s friend who says Jeet left without telling anything. Rano is worried and scolds him for leaving Jeet and asks him to follow him.

Jeet comes to Anamika’s house who is locking her house and leaving.She ignores Jeet who follows her and Anamika says she is going away from here forever.

Jeet gets worried and asks how can she go away, anamika says she cant meet him without any relation and to stop this she is going away. Jeet remembers all his previous scenes with anamika & saying her ILU.
Anamika drives off in her car when Jeet desperately runs behind and stops her he tells her she cant leave him and go. The wedding card falls off his pocket. Anamika says what he wants, Jeet says I want you, he pulls her out of the car and tells her never to leave him and hugs her. Anamika very happy when Jeet says he cant live without her.

Rano meanwhile is searching for Anand kumar’s house.Anamika says she doesnt want to force him to give their relation a name. Jeet looks into her eyes(Sort of gets hypnotised) cups her face and says his love is true love and he wants to marry her & proposes her.Anamika hugs him happily and looks at the fallen wedding card which catches fire. Anamika tells Jeet that she is ready to marry him.

Precap : Rano comes to an old house and is looking around when she turns suddenly and screams.

Update Credit to: arti

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