Anamika 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 4th July 2013 Written Update

Anamika asks Jeet not to tell Chhavi anything as she is leaving from here anyways. They have some senti talk where Jeet says that all his ways lead only to her, so requests her to stay.

The family is worried about Jeet, just then he calls her up and lies that his friend Bunty has met with an accident and so he will be with him for the whole night.

Anamika again plays the guilt card of cheating Chhavi and Jeet gets confused again. She then goes to make coffee for him. She goes and plays an old haunting melody – Naina Barse on the gramophone (one of my few favourite oldies, haye, kuch bhi ho, Anamika ke CVs ki song selection is truly amazing. )

Anamika does some black magic on the coffee with her snake like tongue and gives it to Jeet and starts massaging his shoulders while he drink the coffee. Jeet falls unconscious drinking the coffee and Anamika extracts a strand of hair from his head. She then goes and does some black magic with the help of Patalika and that strand of hair becomes a black thread which Patalika asks to always keep tied on her hand. And that it’s time to make Jeet hers. She told Anamika that now her good days are starting and Chhavi’s very bad days.

At Saluja house, Chhavi hears some ghungru beats and wonders where the sound is coming from. She sees the gate open and watchman absent so goes to close the main door. She sees an old lady at the door who says she is about to face fraud in her life and then starts laughing. She gets scared. Meanwhile Jasleen sees the door open and goes to close it and sees Chhavi standing at the door and talking to someone. Jasleen goes and asks who she was talking to. Chhavi tries to point out that woman, but she had hidden herself. Jasleen asks her to ignore the matter and move inside. Patalika and Anamika are shown laughing.

Precap: Electricity failure at Saluja house, Chhavi lights a candle and gets shockes seeing someone as she turns.

Update Credit to: dishu

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