Anamika 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Jeet returns home & is shocked to see that it is already night. He is lost in his thoughts of Anamika.

Bebo & everyone are busy decorating the house when Ranos mom (Preeto) comes to Jeets place & asks to meet Balraj. She asks bebe to come along. Jeets mother is also there. Preeto tells them all that she thinks Rano isnt happy with this marriage. Pratap says if that were the case she would have told them clearly. However Preeto says that i think i understand my daughter well. I dont think her heart is into this. Rano isnt unhappy just because she is leaving them behind, but she feels maybe Rano considers Jeet something more than a friend. She tells them that she was crying because she doesnt want to leave Jeet. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Ranos mother says she doesnt want to live in the guilt of having spoiled her daughters life by not understanding her love.

Bebe speaks up then & tells Preeto that they all know it that Rano loves Jeet. Ranos mother is shocked that they knew …she asks them why didnt anyone tell her about this before? She asks Pratap what they should do now? …should they convince Rano to marry Pratap or cancel the marriage. Pratap says they will never do anything against Ranos will. If she doesnt wish to marry Shekhar, they wont force her. Preeto feels a bit awkward proposing marriage between the two of them, she thinks maybe Pratap doesnt find Rano suitable enough for his son. Bebe assures her that it is quite the opposite actually! Preeto is happy on hearing this and says if they all think it proper she would love for her daughter to marry Jeet.

Jeet is practicing at his academy when Rano calls him. Jeet is lost in Anamikas thoughts. He keeps the phone saying he will call her soon.

Jeet goes to Anamikas home & searches for her everywhere. On not finding her he speaks out loudly alone saying he knows she is here…her car is outside, he can smell her perfume. Now will i have to wait to meet you even at your home? Please dont make me wait more. He says he doesnt know whats wrong with him…since meeting her he has been acting strange. He keeps on thinking about her, the smell of her perfume draws him to her. And when he sees her he has tears in his eyes, he is lost in her eyes. When he still doesnt get any reply he sees the red diary lying nearby & says he is writing down his number in it & is hoping that she would call him.

Someone is watching Jeet leave the house…and when he is out the doors close automatically behind him. A burnt looking, wrinkled hand reaches out to pick up the guitar which is lying next to the diary. The hand is of Anamikas & she drags the guitar behind her like someone would drag a corpse While her right hand is burnt her left hand, face, etc are perfectly normal & healthy. Tears roll down her eyes.

Precap: Looking at the guitar Anamika says – this “instrument” will no longer produce any music. I hope you will forgive me for this.

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