Anamika 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 4th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with jeet and anamika talking.jeet says that I promise u that I will not leave u. Anamika says everyone says this but no one do this so can u give me any garanty that u will not do the same thing? jeet was looking at anamika when she suddenly said that u have to change our love relationship to r marriage…after saying this she went upstairs…..

rano goes to panditgee and asks him that u said nani to search for a black spot on jeets body…what does that means?he says that if there is a black spot on jeets body it means that an evil spirit is in love with him Have u seen any spot?rano remembers the spot in flashback….panditgee says it seems that u have seen it…rano says plz help me i am very tensed about this all…..panditgee advised her that stay with jeet and dont leave

him alone and keep in touch with me and also try to know that where jeet goes…..panditgee goes….rano thinks that maybe bunty knows about this or maybe he have seen anything on that guitar…

scene shifts to baybay…she calls everyone in the house and says that I went to panditgee and he said that after 10 days v should do the marrige…everyone says how can v arrange everything in time….suddenly nani comes and says that since jeet and ranos engagment is held jeet has an evil spirit on him….then nani turns to pratab and says that now everything is in your hand….pratab sees at pushpa and she gave a sign with her eye on which pratab says that this marrige will be held after 10 days….

the scene shifts to rano and bunty talking…rano says that have u seen anything on the guitar? bunty remembered that ANAND KUMAR was written on the guitar and told this to rano and rano goes……
on the other side ranos mother says that she will call jeet and baybay says that she will call rano…..

2 cars stopped at the house 1 was jeets and 1 was ranos….rano asks him that where was he?he was about to say something when suddenly his and ranos phone rings….they atend there cells and were stunned and said what after 10 days…..they went in the house and everyone congrats them…….rano and baybay suddenly sees jeet tensed and he was going to his room….they followed him….baybay says to rano that y did u asked me to arrange your marriage so early….rano says that jeet is very tensed and I want to take care of him….baybay says ok u stay here i will call u inside jeets room…..baybay goes to jeets room and asked him that what happened to u? he said that how is this possile that i am going to be married with rano? He said that the kids who used to call me bhaiya now they will call me uncle… carrier will e spoiled…… baybay says u wait and calls rano inside the room…….baybay says that now u both talk I will be here in a minute ……and baybay goes…….jeet says to rano to sit…..but the room was to messy that there was no space to sit……..jeet says that after marriage u will have to clean this room…..rano says why?jeet says that before the engagement u used to clean the room so after marriage u will be changed? she says no……..they both start cleaning the room…..rano asks jeet that do u know any ANAND KUMAR? Jeet says that who is he? I don’t know him……rano is surprised and suddenly slipped on which jeet hold her and the back ground music is on…….then rano says I have to go…..jeet says goodnight when suddenly baybay comes in and says that today rano will sleep here in my house and I have asked her mother also…….rano says but nani……baybay says nothing will happen…….episode ends with jeet and rano looking at each other……….

Update Credit to: Ayesha

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