Anamika 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Anamika decides to step outside in order to snatch Jeet. But Chandralekha tells her that since her plait is cut and she has lost her power, she should not do so. So instead of going out, she should call Jeet to her. Rano walks towards her mother who is in the ICU in the hospital and sounds something emotional. She promises her to keep the promise. And she requests her to be her mother in every birth. Saying this, Rano bursts into tears and after that something happens to Ritu.

Next we see Rano with Shalakha. Both are in some jungle. She tells that she doesn’t have much time and so has to plan things accordingly, but something is preventing her from doing so. Shalakha again starts memorizing the path but she is not able to do it. She handles Rano something and both part ways to find the lake.


gains consciousness while everyone is happy to see that. She opens her eyes and calls for Rano but seeing Rano nowhere, she holds Jeet’s hand. She requests Jeet to save Rano and tells her that she can smell danger. So Jeet scurries outside to keep Ritu’s word.

The sun is about to set and Rano and Shalakha are still into the finding. Both Shalakha and Rano bump into each other. Shalakha tells that if they don’t find the before sunset then no divine can save them from the clutches of the evil spirit.

Chandralekha tells Anamika that she can bring Jeet to their world without even stepping out of the line. Anamika decides to possess her black magic skills even when she has never called them for her purpose. But she decides that for Jeet she’ll do anything. Saying this she spreads her arms waiting for the evil powers to enter and then she stands smiling.
Jeet is on his way to find Rano while his car stops in the middle of the jungle. Anamika calls for Jeet pointing her hand towards him. Jeet starts walking towards her as if hypnotized.
Shalakha and Rano reach the lake. Shalakha starts reciting hymns and she can imagine blood in the lake. Then she asks Rano if Jeet’s blood had been mixed for any chances. Rano recognizes this and explains everything to Shalakha.

Rano’s ball starts turning red, while Shalakha replies that ‘this is the lake’ where the evil spirit’s skeleton is buried into. Shalakha tells Rano that before sunset she should remove the skeleton or else everything will prove fatal. Shalakha ties a thread around Rano’s fist and also hands her a knife. The thread to tie once she finds it and knife to pierce into the bones when found. She ties the knife in her dupatta.

Saying,’ JAI MATA DI’ Rano jumps into the lake.(note: the water looks tank water’lolz). As Rano is swimming a chain follows her through the thick and gets engtangled around her leg. Rano tries hard to get off the tight hold but to no avail. Shalakha understands this and throws something towards Rano.At last, Rano finds the skeleton. And the episode shuts here itself.

PRECAP : Rano frees the skeleton from some entangled algae, while Jeet walks towards Anamika. And next we see Rano draw a dagger in order to pierce it through the skeleton.

Update Credit to: CouchPotatoes

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