Anamika 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 3rd July 2013 Written Update

The family manage to rescue Chhavi just in time. Anamika’s photo shoot is going on but she is not smiling. The family is fussing over Chhavi and calls up Jeet. While Jeet and Balraj get mad at the shooting crew for upsetting Anamika

Jeet comes to Anamika’s room and is about to say something to her, but just then Bebe calls up and informs Jeet that Chhavi has fainted and needs to be taken to a doctor. Jeet leaves without a word to Anamika much to her chagrin.

Jeet fusses over Chhavi and just then Anamika messages him telling him she is leaving forever. Jeet gets worried and rushes towards Anamika’s house.

Anamika cuts her hand with a glass shred and roams around the house thinking that Jeet’s heart will bring him close to her. Just then Jeet reaches her house calling out to her and see the trail of her blood. He follows the trail to her room and finds her sitting beside her bed on the floor bleeding and unconscious. He picks her up and places her on bed and begs her to open her eyes. He tries calling up doctor, but as usual no network in her house. He looks for a first aid kit and finds it on the chest of drawers. He bandages her hand and waits for her to regain consciousness.

At home Chhavi is worried for Jeet and tries calling him but once again no network. Anamika regain consciousness and Jeet is about to leave. She asks him why he saved her if he was going to leave her. Jeet asks why she did this to which she replies she doesn’t want to live anymore as she can’t live without him and she can’t see him with anyone else. But Jeet says that he is himself feeling very guilty for creating this mess and he feels even more pain seeing her in pain as he loves her a lot. Anamika hugs Jeet and he hugs her back. But he pulls back seeing Chhavi’s photo in his wallet and remembers how Bebe has placed Chhavi’s photo there ( seriously this Bebe is just too interfereing)

Jeet says that he will have to tell Chhavi everything. Meeting secretly like this is not right. (first sensible decision)

Precap: Chhavi hearing some ghungru sounds and stepping out of the house and getting shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: dishu

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