Anamika 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Jeet brings a huge gift for Rano and opens it.Its a big photoframe with many photos having old memories from her childhood with Jeet…Rano gets emotional seeing it while others watch on. Jeet says she is his best friend and he is successful today only becoz of her and tells Shekhar to put this portrait in his house where Rano can see it daily. Bebe asks one of them to take group photo…Shekhar says he is very happy when Jeet asks him to take good care of Rano as she is his best friend. Rano’s mom observes them and says its time to leave..jeet offers to drop them when shekhar says his house is on the way and he will drop jeet agrees. Rano puts the portrait in her room and keeps looking at it when her mother comes and tells the portrait is beautiful and asks where she had gone with jeet and how was the day.Rano avoids her question while her mother tells her to share her feelings. Rano hugs her and bursts into tears while her mom seams to understand her feelings.

Jeet next day comes to the music shop to collect the guitar while the shopkeeper by mistake breaks the tip of the guitar…Jeet yells at him in anger while the shopkeeper says he will repair it while Jeet is furious.He comes back after sometime and the shopkeeper says he has repaired it somehow but it may not last long.Jeet takes the guitar and comes to Anamika’s house & finds the door opened wonders how she stays all alone in such a big house.. Jeet comes inside the house and calls out to her when she comes & Jeet returns the guitar and says he got it repaired.Anamika picks the guitar & says broken strings are tough to be replaced.Jeet says its working fine and plays the guitar while anamika looks on. The top portion of the violin breaks and Jeet is shocked and worried. Anamika holds the broken guitar while Jeet repeatedly apologises..Anamika in tears and jeet looks on pleading her to tell him how to make up for it…Jeet looks on and tears start flowing from both their eyes and Jeet slowly wipes Anamika’s tears. Anamika asks why is he crying for her and thanks him while Jeet is surprised finding himself in tears and wipes it.A confused Jeet leaves while Anamika looks on.Jeet reaches his car and drives off in hurry thinking of Anamika all the time.

Precap – Jeet comes to anamika’s house but she doesnt come in front of him..he says I want answers to my question and I am leaving my phone number in your dairy pls call me…After sometime an old wrinkled hand reaches for the dairy(Maybe Anamika’s hand)

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