Anamika 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 31st July 2013 Written Update

nani tells Anamika that Chhavi and Jeet have gone to the temple as its their first ekadshi after marriage. Anamika remembers Patalika words and leaves from there. She calls Jeet and asks him to come somewhere (sorry I missed where) and Jeet immediately leaves from the temple. This makes Chhavi angry and she decides to follow him by hailing a taxi. In the car, Jeet is thinking don’t know what happened to him suddenly that just by getting a call from Anamika, he left everything behind, and don’t know what Chhavi must be thinking about him. Jeet goes to an old palace where there is a warning board that its prohibited to enter the palace after evening. The driver warns Chhavi not to go inside as this palace is haunted. But Chhavi gets confused why Jeet has gone inside such a place. Driver says she can

do whatever she wants but he would leave and asks her to pay the fare. Chhavi pays the fare and then enters the palace.
But the driver returns and says that since she being a woman is so fearless, so he would also act brave and drop her inside. But he again warns her that this palace is known to be a house of evil spirits. Jeet asks Anamika why he has called her here. Anamika says that there is a special love story associated with this palace and she wanted to visit the palace with him. She then jokes that she was born and brought up here in her last birth. She then begins to tell the story of Raja and Chandralekha to Jeet and Jeet says that it was her fault that she loved a married man. But Anamika asks that can’t a married man love another woman. He himself is also married but he loves her. She then takes him to show how much Raja and Chandralekha loved each other. Chhavi enters the palace and is confused why Jeet has come to such a place.

Anamika takes Jeet to a decorated room and fetches something for him to drink after tempering with it. Chhavi sees Jeet sitting in a room and hides behind a pillar to know who Jeet is with. But Anamika sees Chhavi and herself hides behind another wall.

Just then Chhavi’s mobile rings as Bebe called her to know where they were. Chhavi lies that they were with a friend of Jeet’s. Jeet comes to her, and Chhavi asks what he is doing here and to meet whom has he come here leaving her alone in temple and for whom does he lie daily to her. Jeet starts telling her that he has come here with the person whom he loves and that he loves her from before marriage. He said that he would have married her only but suddenly she disappeared one day as she had met with an accident and he could not find her and in this meanwhile, she became his friend and his family started liking her and somehow they got married and just then she returned and try as he might, he could not keep himself away from her. He said that he knows that Chhavi is his responsibility and he didn’t want to hurt her by telling her all this. But today he will tell her everything including about her. He starts to say her name, but just then Anamika starts controlling him through the string tied on her wrist and he stops. Chhavi says that she wants to know who she is, she wants to know her name and Jeet says that he will bring her here. He goes to find Anamika, but she hides. Then he is unable to find Chhavi also and wonders if everything is alright.

Precap: Anamika taking Chhavi in her car and telling her that had she been in her place, then she would have got separated from Jeet as there is no point on being a burden on someone who does not love me, and Chhavi agrees.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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